Is a Robotic Vacuum Cleaner Really Worth It?

Is a Robotic Vacuum Cleaner Really Worth It

A robotic vacuum cleaner in a home is more of a novelty in previous years but they are becoming a huge trend recently. And I believe that they are becoming popular because of a very good reason. What it means is that for some reason, they are producing the results the homeowners expect. But if you are still doubtful of their purpose, then the short yet informative blog I prepared will help you put that hesitation aside or whether they are not practical at all. I will lay out the pointers you need to know if investing in a robotic vacuum cleaner is worth investing your time and money or if should you stick with a traditional vacuum cleaner. So without any further delays, let’s get right into today’s discussion…

What You Need to Know About Robotic Vacuum Cleaners

Just by basing on the name of the technology alone, the main purpose of a robotic vacuum cleaner such as a vacuum robot is to help you clean your home by acting similarly to a regular vacuum cleaner. However, the only difference between a robotic vacuum cleaner is it is automatic and moves from one area of the vacuum robot to another. But the problem with robotic vacuum cleaners is that they are way more expensive than a regular home vacuum cleaner. There are also varieties of vacuum robot where some devices can leap and maneuver effectively, while there are ones where it is self-directed which means that it turns on periodically and unloads the dirt to properly clean the house without the need to operate them. However, due to the size and other aspects of the robotic vacuum cleaner, you can expect some limitations that the need for a regular vacuum cleaner is still needed for such a matter. I am also listing the pros and cons of the device to help you further and solidify whether they are a good use of your money in the following sections of this blog.

The Advantages of Robotic Vacuum Cleaners

First and foremost, we need to discuss the advantages of robotic vacuum cleaners to help you determine if they are a good investment in helping you maintain a tiny portion of household chores which includes the following—

  • Robotic vacuum cleaners can really remove dirt from your home
  • It provides a lot of conveniences because it cleans the house while you are focusing on the more important task
  • Vacuum robots work on schedule. Thus, instead of turning them on whenever the room needs cleaning, you can rely on them to clean the space periodically
  • Due to the size of the robotic vacuum cleaners, they can clean tight spaces including under furniture
  • Most robotic vacuum cleaners are suitable for all types of floors

The Disadvantages of Robotic Vacuum Cleaners

You also have to take note of the disadvantages of robotic vacuum cleaners in order for you to fully determine if they are the right option for you or if should you stick with the traditional vacuum cleaner. With this being said—the following are the cons of owning a robotic vacuum cleaner instead of a regular vacuum cleaner—

  • It is not as effective in cleaning the entire house and you might still need a regular vacuum cleaner
  • It is expensive and impractical if you have a large house
  • It is possible that a robotic vacuum cleaner could get stuck in certain tight spaces
  • A vacuum robot could sometimes suck items they shouldn’t clean which could damage the device
  • Again, the size of the robotic vacuum cleaner possess limitation such as a small trash bin
  • Robotic vacuum cleaners are lightweight but bugs could lead to the device being lost to the house especially if the area is large. With this being said—they are ideal for small spaces such as an apartment

Final Thoughts

Robotic vacuum cleaners have the apparent advantage of performing a scheduled cleaning that gives you the convenience of not standing up and doing the work. However, you also have to take into consideration some of the disadvantages before you buy the device considering how expensive they are. For one thing, it is not as reliable as a traditional vacuum cleaner that requires human intervention. They are also not best suited for larger homes and it is best suited for small apartment units. Vacuum robot also have the potential to get stuck in tight spaces. With this being said—you may still need the aid of a traditional vacuum cleaner. In addition, you will need a reliable robotic vacuum cleaner to help you achieve the results you expect.

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Written by Joshua White

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