Top Tips to Improve Security in Your Organization

Top Tips to Improve Security in Your Organization

Every organization faces a range of challenges and risks in their everyday operations. These can take the form of health and safety risks that may pose a risk to the workforce in the form of unsafe working environments or business practices. Minimizing these risks will help to ensure that staff can work in a safe environment and that the company does not face legal actions due to inadequate remedial actions being taken. However, the risks to businesses can take many other forms, from geo-political events causing higher prices for key goods and services (which may impact the continued profitability of a firm) to security risks, which is the focus of this article. Security risks come in a range of forms, including the digital business infrastructure as well as its physical premises and assets. In this article, some top tips will be discussed that will help a range of businesses improve security in their organizations.

Protect online assets from cybercrime

Cybercrime is one of the most prevalent security risks to any organization that has online operations. Cybercriminals can hack unsecured networks and steal customer information that is then used to support acts of crime relating to identity theft (such as using customer financial information to make fraudulent purchases). Today, one of the key cyber security trends is that high volumes of cyberattacks are aimed at businesses in their cloud-based services. A successful attack in this environment can severely damage online services, force the temporary closure of a company website, or even be the focal point for the deployment of ransomware, which forces organizations to pay for the recovery of sensitive information. With millions of businesses having made the transition to the cloud, these services must be adequately protected from the malicious acts of cybercriminals. A key way to achieve this is by installing an API management platform to monitor and control your online digital IT infrastructure. Such platforms allow IT staff to monitor traffic levels between applications, gateways, and APIs to ensure that unauthorized requests are not being made. Unusual behavior can be spotted by setting up security protocols that generate alerts when suspicious activity takes place. In short, API management platforms form a vital part of the overall cybersecurity protocols for any company that uses cloud-based services.

Secure your premises

Whilst an organization’s digital domain needs to be protected, it is also vital to consider physical premises and company assets. Whilst the majority of break-ins target residential premises, there were over 42,000 burglaries that took place at American businesses in 2022. These break-ins can result in expensive property damage and the loss of valuable equipment and sensitive corporate information. It is important to take a range of steps to protect your physical premises from such criminal acts. Ideally, if your workplace has an onsite parking area, it should be secured with a barrier system that requires an employee ID card to raise the barrier and gain entry to the site. Security fencing can protect the perimeter of the property and provide a visual deterrent for prospective criminals. In addition, it is important to install CCTV cameras, burglar alarms, and key code systems to gain entry to the premises. When combined, these security measures will significantly reduce the likelihood of your company being subjected to an attempted act of burglary.

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