How To Inspire Healthy Living Around The Office

How To Inspire Healthy Living Around The Office

In our world today, it is vital that organizations ensure a constant intersection between their goals and employee goals, including health and fitness. This is because employees function better when they are healthy, physically and mentally. For instance, Wellable, an office fitness challenge app, offers an easy way for employers to initiate wellness challenges and improve employee health around the office. A wearable device like this encourages team bonding and promotes the fitness culture in the workplace. Without further ado, here are three easy ways to inspire a healthy lifestyle in the office.

1. Provide or suggest medical care.

Not all organizations have the resources to provide health care to their staff. However, where you don’t, you can promote a healthy lifestyle by creating an electronic directory of reliable medical care facilities and doctors and specialists that your employees can use for drug administration and consultation when they’re unwell.

Furthermore, now that Cannabinoid (also known as CBD) oils and products are legal for medical use, you may want to include trustworthy dispensaries in your directory where stressed or anxious employees can easily purchase CBD edibles like CBD lollipops. A CBD lollipop is a THC-free edible that prescribed patients can have anywhere as they do not constitute a nuisance to the people around them.

All in all, it’s essential to have a list of medical professionals even when you can’t afford healthcare. This communicates to your employees that you care about them. Besides, when people are packed together in a space, there is always the chance of spreading untreated infections. So, you should be proactive by ensuring staff knows the company’s stand on employee health.

2. Encourage exercise.

Office workers tend to spend an awful amount of time sitting down, which could be anywhere between four to nine hours daily. That’s a long and unhealthy time for anyone to be seated. When a person sits for too long, it weakens the muscles and increases the chances of getting a serious medical condition like cardiovascular issues.

There are many ways to encourage exercise and physical activity in the office. For starters, you can register your employees on a fitness app where you can all engage in group challenges. You can go further to make these challenges exciting by rewarding devoted employees or winners with a Fitbit tracker or an apple watch to encourage their healthy behaviors.

3. Make changes to the work culture.

Healthy living in the workplace brings nothing but good vibes, and this is an excellent environment for people to work. To inspire this lifestyle, you must first ensure that your work environment and culture support it. Educate your employees on the importance of a work-life balance. When workers can’t balance their work and personal lives, it can affect their physical and mental health. One way to maintain a work-life balance in the office is by monitoring their working hours to ensure that everyone gets a decent amount of rest.

Furthermore, make sure you have an efficient wellness program and a tracker to keep employees active. You can also create standing workstations to reduce the hours they sit as well as encourage healthy eating. Remember that insufficient sleep, unhealthy eating habits, and lack of physical activities can weaken the immune system and make them prone to diseases.


Employee wellbeing is an integral part of any organization’s growth. It is a great way to ensure that employees stay productive all year long. So make sure you implore whatever means necessary to promote healthy living in the office. As mentioned, you can use an app that tracks fitness levels and promotes team bonding or issue out weekly newsletters that highlight the health benefits of physical activities.