How fitness taught me to live a healthy and clean life?

Fitness has always been on my priority list. For those of you who wonder what Rohit Reddy does when he isn’t a real estate developer, I work out and maintain my fitness level. It began as a hobby but now it has become a habit, the habit which I can never give up on. I’m not saying that I’m fit because I can really lift heavy weights or run a marathon and even by staying fit, I do not mean to stay slim. For me, fitness means to stay healthy and yes, I can lift weights and all but the main reason behind staying fit is it helps me to live my life to the fullest by helping me in many ways: –

Keeps me emotionally healthy

Involvement of exercise and proper diet leads to this fitment. Such exercises and workouts not only make me physically fit but also keeps me healthy emotionally. Whenever I go out for my walk, I meet different people and visualize different things. Being an entrepreneur, I have a busy life but this workout allows me to detach myself from this stressful busy life for some time. 

Helps me to enhance my personality

As I have already said that I do not work out to stay slim but yes, being fit means I will not be overweight at least. Being overweight causes a lot of physical problems and also makes you feel bad about your body image. On the other side when you are fit, you are confident about yourself. I am not a person who is brand conscious. Yes, if you check Rohit Reddy Facebook, or other social media platforms, you will find there are a lot of followers who see me as a fashion and fitness icon and I feel very privileged to have such followers. However, for me style is personal, comfort is primary. I believe if you are stylish and have a personality, you can carry off anything with a smile and that’s what I do. 

Allow me to combat stressful situations

Physical fitness is like a happy pill and that is too without any side effects. Regular physical activity helps to relieve stress, anxiety, depression, and anger. Do you know that good sensation of feeling after doing something physical, which is making you feel energized? I know that and I think if you do not know it then start working out today because that is something which in my view everybody should know. Ultimately all of this helps me to concentrate better on my other activities too. It has helped me achieve my goals in the real world by increasing my willpower and determination.

For all of this, I thank my trainer and buddy Faiyaz Ali Khan who helped a simple person who is a child at heart to become Rohit Reddy, the successful Real Estate entrepreneur and Fitness Guru! Fitness has helped me focus and redirect my energies in the correct places. My regime is a mix of cardio, kickboxing, Pilates, swimming and strength training”. I totally advocate clean living. I believe if the by-product is looking good and feeling invincible, it’s worth a try and I recommend everyone to stay fit.