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How to Choose the Correct Office Chair For Your Home?

If you’ve been looking for a suitable office chair but do not know what to look for or are concerned about factors you may have overlooked, you have nothing to worry about. You’ve come to the right place; all you need to do is continue reading. 

Whenever one considers purchasing an office chair, there are often a lot of concerns that emerge, and this article is an attempt to address them while ensuring that you know what to look for in an ideal office chair. 

  • Check the number of parts that can be adjusted. 

There are a variety of office chairs available out there; however, not every chair can afford you the luxury of changing your position without feeling some form of discomfort. 

This is why the first thing that you should look out for is the number of parts that can be adjusted. For instance, some chairs allow adjusting the armrests along with the height of the seat. 

Such chairs would be useful if you work on surfaces with varying heights and need your arms to be at a specific height each time.

Being able to adjust the parts should give you the freedom of movement that’s necessary to function efficiently. 

  • It should offer adequate back support.  

If you plan on working for more than four hours a day, you ought to ensure that the chair being used can help support your back adequately, as sitting in an incorrect position for continued periods can lead to pain in the back. Even worse, the development of improper posture can cause a variety of problems, including but not limited to severe neck pain.

The chair should offer lumbar support along with middle and upper back support. All three forms of support are equally important as damage to any part of the back can cause serious repercussions. 

Ideally, the back support would be made out of some form of mesh to ensure that even when you are sitting for long hours, your back doesn’t get sweaty and clammy. 

  • Check cushion strength and density. 

To get a good understanding of the material used, it is imperative to understand the density of the cushion, as sitting in one spot for hours can risk ruining the integrity of the cushion unless it’s made of strong quality that maintains its integrity over an extended period. 

Such chairs are not easily found. However, Office works have a wide range of ergonomics. chairs which have been designed keeping in mind the various office furniture for homes 

  • Neck support

You must choose a chair that protects the posture of your back and caters to your neck and head. 

Your head may not seem too heavy but for the neck to support the head without any adequate support causes a lot of strain that can eventually cause damage to the cervical region of your spinal cord, which in some rare cases can even cause death. 

Headrests are often a highlighted feature when you think of an ergonomic chair and can help you maintain your body posture to the extent that you would not need to worry yourself every time you sit down to work. 

  • The reclining angle of the chair. 

Since from time to time you’d want to change the position in which you sit, buying a chair with a reclining back is a wise investment. This will not only help you feel comfortable while working but will also increase your productivity by enabling you to work in a variety of positions.

Each time you change your position, your body realizes that some form of movement is still required, and that would prevent you from dozing off while dealing with tasks that are not all that interesting to you.


In conclusion, an ideal chair will not only be comfortable but will also ensure that your health isn’t put in any form of danger. The most suitable chair which would cover all of these points may have already taken shape in your head, and all that you need to do is go out there with the knowledge that you’ve gained and get yourself that chair that you know your body deserves. 

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Written by Kesara Bandaragoda

GAG Staff

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