Ride in Style The Latest Horse Riding Apparel Trends for Women

Horseback riding has been a popular sport and recreational activity for centuries, but the fashion trends associated with it have changed significantly over time. From the boring polo t-shirts worn during horse riding, today’s riding fashions scream for style and utility. Today, women horse riders are embracing new styles of apparel that combine functionality and comfort with stylish designs. From jackets to helmets to boots and other riding gear, riders are spoilt for choices when it comes to fashionable horse riding apparel. Stay ahead of the equestrian trends with the latest in performance and style – explore the exceptional quality and innovation of LeMieux products for a ride that’s both fashionable and functional.

However, choosing riding clothes that are stylish, comfortable, and functional can be quite confusing. So through this guide, we tend to help you. This guide will help you choose the most fashionable horse riding apparel so that you can create a mark on the track both with your riding skills and fashion sense. 

Functional Fabrics 

When it comes to shopping for horse riding apparel, comfort should be your top priority. Thankfully, there are plenty of functional fabrics available on the market that are designed specifically for equestrian activities. Look for breathable materials like cotton or spandex that will keep you cool and dry while you ride. You should also make sure that any clothing you buy is lightweight so as not to weigh you down in the saddle. 


Safety is an important concern when it comes to horseriding apparel, which is why helmets are essential items in any rider’s wardrobe. Whether you’re just starting out or have been riding for years, investing in a quality helmet can help protect your head from potential injuries if something unexpected happens while you’re out on the trail or during a competition. There are many stylish options available today that feature modern designs and colors designed specifically with female riders in mind.  


A good jacket is a must-have item when it comes to horseback riding attire because it can provide extra warmth and protection from wind and rain while still looking fashionable. Look for jackets made from waterproof fabrics like nylon or Gore-Tex, which will keep you comfortable no matter what Mother Nature throws at you during your ride. For added style points, consider adding decorative elements such as embroidery or patches to make your jacket stand out even more while still keeping its practicality intact.  

Breeches & Trousers 

Breeches and trousers are two other essential items when it comes to equestrian fashion trends – they offer both function and style. Breeches come up higher than regular trousers, so they provide additional protection against chafing caused by long rides. They also usually feature stretch panels around the waistband, which makes them extra comfortable too. As an added bonus, breeches come in a variety of colors, so finding one that matches your existing wardrobe won’t be difficult at all!  

Boots & Shoes 

No outfit would be complete without footwear – especially when it comes to equestrian activities. Investing in good quality boots or shoes designed specifically for horseback riding will ensure maximum safety as well as optimum comfort throughout your ride. Look for features such as shock absorption technology or reinforced heels which will give you extra support no matter how hard the terrain may be beneath your feet! As far as style goes – there are plenty of fashionable options available too, ranging from classic leather styles all the way through contemporary suede designs – meaning finding something perfect shouldn’t be difficult at all!  


Last but certainly not least, accessories should never be forgotten when completing any equestrian outfit. From gloves (which help protect hands from rope burns) to hats (which provide shade during sunny days) – accessorizing with practical yet stylish pieces can really elevate an otherwise plain ensemble into something truly special. Plus, they’ll add some much-needed personality into an otherwise neutral color palette, too – making them perfect additions both on and off the trail alike.   


Riding horses is an enjoyable pastime enjoyed by people of all ages worldwide. However, ensuring one looks their best while doing so needn’t be complicated either. Thanks to these latest fashion trends associated with equestrian activities. With so many stylish options now available – women riders everywhere can now dress appropriately while still expressing themselves through their clothing choices too!

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