Ex-software engineer now earns $129,000 yearly by making pasta at home

Sometimes, the most heartwarming tales come from unexpected quarters. Fiona Afshar, who swapped software engineering for something entirely different – and delicious. This isn’t just a career transition; it’s a beautiful tale of how one’s roots, memories, and passions can shape the future.

According to CNBC, former software engineer, Fiona Afshar, now whips up a tasty $129,000 yearly with her homemade pasta. Her story, stemming from her childhood in Iran where meals meant more than just food, is a testament to turning passion into paycheck.

Fiona jumped into the Instagram scene in 2018 with @cookingwithfiona. Meant to share recipes with her daughter, her unique pasta caught many eyes. This popularity led to cooking classes, brand deals, and her own line: “Fiona’s Pasta.”

By 2020, she took her teachings online, adding $16,500 to her earnings. She even teamed up with fashion brand Ssense for special pasta designs, raking in $18,0005. But her main gig? Selling pasta boxes online, ranging from $80 to $240 a pop.

Impressively, for Fiona, it’s not all about the bucks. She’s driven by her love for food and creativity. Her family helps out, and she sticks to fresh ingredients from local markets for the best colors and taste. And while she could go big, she opts to keep things personal, staying away from mass producing her pasta.

Fiona’s story is a refreshing reminder: passion, when mixed with a dash of business sense, can lead to a fulfilling and lucrative venture.

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