Evrewares 2022 UPDATE -What happened after Shark Tank| Current Net Worth & the story so far

Evrewares 2022 UPDATE -What happened after Shark Tank Current Net Worth & the story so far

Evrewares is a fabric Sticker production company. It appeared in the Shark Tank season 6 episode 14. So, the founders Ellie Brown and Becca Nelson enter the show with the hope of $100,000 for 30% of equity.

However, making history they received a deal from Mark Cuban of $200, 000 for the whole company. But they later decided not to accept the deal. Unfortunately, Evrewares went out of business in 2015.

So what happened to Evreware after the Shark Tank? Let’s find out more

What is Evrewares Net Worth?

The Net Worth of the Evrewares for 2022 is unavailable. It’s because there isn’t any update regarding the company since 2015.

However, the company was valuated at around $333,333.33 at the time appearing on Shark Tank. Let’s see how the company is doing in 2022.

Read  EvRewares’s worth and networth update in brief here.

How is Evrewares doing now? [Latest update]

The Evrewares is out of business in 2022. Also, they took down the company’s official site with social media accounts in 2015. Followingly the brand isn’t available on the market including on Amazon. But users can still find some selling on eBay.

However, according to Becca Nelsons LinkedIn account, the company is still active. But her account seems didn’t update for years. Meanwhile, the updated Ellie Browns account claims the company closed in 2015.

What are Evrewares stickers?

Evrewares is a stackable fabric accessory production company. The reusable stickers stay in shape and don’t tear apart. Also, it’s easy to clean any stains from the waterproof surface. But users don’t have to worry about having glue residues after using. Because the stickers peel off smoothly.

The pixel tie, Bacon tie, and American flag tie were the popular items at the time.

Evrewares is a stackable fabric accessory production company

Who are the founders of Evrewares?

The two sisters Becca Nelsons and Ellie Browns are the founders and the owners of the Evrewares company. Both are from Raleigh, North Carolina USA. So, they started the company in 2011 with another friend in their hometown. 

“They would say, I’m into Robot. I’m into cars. I want something for Christmas.

Becca Nelsons

We started thinking, why not just change the graphics out with a sticker?”  Becca said to ABC 11. But how this historical deal went through the shark tank history is amazing.

What happened at the Shark Tank?

The Evrewares team Becca and Ellie enter the show hoping for $100 000 for 30% of shares. They took an amazing introduction with the “at-home segment”. Also, they didn’t forget to impress the Sharks with custom-made ties.

They informed sharks that they invested around $185000 in the business. Followingly their had around $600 000 in sales since this year.

However, sharks were concerned after they hear the sales rate slow down. Because the company expected revenue was $ 50,000.

After discussing sales Kevin O’Leary told it’s a “howling dog from hell and it suks”. And he drops the deal. Lori Greiner stepped out because she had previously invested unsuccessful similar company. Barbara also followed them. Robert Herjavec thought no one cares about reusable items and decided not to invest.

But Mark Cuban had a different idea and offered $200,000 for the 100% of the business. However, Sisters agreed to the deal after a long discussion. But what happened after finalizing the deal is interesting.

Evrewares Shark Tank update – What happened after the Shark Tank?

Even though they accepted the deal they decided not to go through the deal after the show. Mark Cuban also understood and decided to stay as an adviser.

“At the end of the day it was really hard, “Ellie told Triangle Business Journal. However, the company received more visitors to its site soon after the show and it only lasted for a short period. After that, the sales came down to their normal rate.

But according to online resources company stopped operation in 2015. Even the company’s official site leads to page selling cosmetics. But there are a few products still selling on eBay with the same brand name. So, people have still a chance to buy the product online. So interestingly the reviews are still positive.

Evrewares Product review 

Evrewares sticky ties are the simplest clothing accessory invented so far. Also, the reusable elastic material made the product special. There were many options to select including ties and bow ties.

Also, they created products based on special occasions like birthdays. Not only that they are available for around $ 4.99-$ 11.99.

Who are the Competitors of the company?

According to our research online there aren’t any competitors emerged for the product.

Evrewares made name history in Shark Tank after Mark Cuban decided to buy the company. However, finally, the founders didn’t go through the deal. But the company officially ended its operation due many to issues they faced during the journey.


What are sticky ties?

The sticky ties are reusable fabric ties. They are used as accessories for fun occasions.

Is Evrewares still in business in 2022?

Evrewares is out of business in 2022.

Was Evrewares successful?

The business was successful for some time. However, the company stopped business in 2015.

What happened to the Sticker company on Shark Tank?

Evrewares didn’t go through the deal after the Shark Tank. Also, the company is likely to stopped operation after 2015.

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