Energy Drinks And Young People

We are living in a world of haste , competition and urge to perform exclusively .In such cases the young generations of this period are reliant on energy drinks to propel themselves to success and emerge ahead of others. 

What is an energy drink?

Energy drinks are the one that is composed of active stimulants to boost the alertness, assertiveness and performance of our body and mind. It is believed that it is widely taken by athletes to perform better and stay energetic throughout their game. Also the young people, gym-goers consume energy drink to be active and replenish the spent energy.

Composition of energy drinks

Energy drinks are made up of 

  • Primarily Caffeine
  • B-Vitamins
  • Amino Acids
  • Anti oxidants
  • Sugars ( Even now,  sugar free energy drinks are available)

Energy drinks Provide temporary energy boost after some time of its consumption.The caffeine present in the drinks are meant for the freshness of mind and soul.Caffeine is available both in natural and synthetic forms.It is said that Synthetic caffeine has  chemical structures similar to that of natural caffeine.

Sugar substance present in the energy drink gives instant energy as it stays as a source of carbohydrate. Some energy drinks have higher amounts of sugar content to pump our body with energy, which in turn increases calorie intake and holds undesirable impact. Hence, in the market, sugar-free energy drinks are available owing to people’s calorie consciousness and health benefits. Click here to discover the most healthy sugar free energy drink .

Eight Essential nutrients that have combined functions altogether and their own  individual functions are grouped as B-Vitamins.B-Vitamins  in energy drinks play a major role in the active metabolism of our body and promote absorption of the substances.Thats Why B-vitamins are active ingredient in energy drinks to energize physical metabolism and mental rush.

Anti oxidants are the special ingredient that attracts greater benefits in terms of tissue recovery,skin glowing, dead cell removal, aging prevention, relief from exercise cramps, boosting immunity and a lot more.

Amino Acids of the energy drink has its nutritional value and health benefits.

Types of Energy Drinks

Energy Drinks comes in two kinds.such as 

1. Readily available drinks,sold in containers as soft drinks around 16 oz.

2. Energy Shots, sold in small containers of 2 to 2 ½ oz in concentrated form.

The ingredients of the energy drinks are almost the same as discussed above.But the amount of each substance, especially the caffeine and sugar content present in the energy drink varies in every brand. The Amount of each substance composed in the energy drink determines the efficacy of the energy drinks.

Energy Drinks and Young People

Energy drinks are frequently taken by college students, sports persons, Gamers, service members, and even secondary school students.

Energy Drinks promise elevation in energy and nutrition resulting in enhanced performance of the consumer.It impacts the body and mind thereby acting on the central nervous system making the consumer feel less worn out by temporarily preventing the responsible chemical from binding with adenosine receptor .

In general , Young people are more prone to stress, anxiety and addiction. They are supposed to put up with their works, social media and evolving modern lifestyle. And hence they resort to Energy drinks to stimulate their senses and stay energized.

Why do young People consume Energy Drinks?

Young People take energy drinks just to refill their energy at the earliest possible to proceed further efficiently. Energizing ourselves just encourages us to move forward in our activities with alertness of mind and body.

Athletic departments, media persons , Scientific  community , government and general public are more reliant on energy drinks.

Young people who are involved in i) doing intensive exercises, ii) Vigorous physical activity iii) Long walk iv) distant biking v) Playing active sports such as soccer, hockey ,basketball  tend to take energy drinks to progress with stamina.

Energy drinks are promoted to improve the concentration and focus of the body and mind ,such that performance enhancement is the consequence.Therefore energy drinks are advertised in the media with catchy taglines that attract people who are short of energy.

What do Health Experts Say About Energy Drinks Taken by Young people?

The Health experts from various organizations advise that 

  • The Energy Drinks with the core stimulant caffeine must be consumed at a permitted level of 400 mg per day and its consumption must be tracked.
  • Sugar content in energy drinks act as an instant source of energy. But beyond certain limit, this sugar content is linked with developing diabetes and turning obese.Hence the sugar content of the energy drinks need to be monitored.
  • Energy drinks made of synthetic compounds must be avoided and energy drinks made of natural ingredients must be the nominal choice.
  • The Consumer must be aware of the Calorie content of every energy drink that they prefer. Even “Near to Zero calorie” energy drinks are available in the market considering the health concerns of the drinks.
  • Certain Energy drinks are rich in nutritional antioxidant content, which must be our healthy choice.


The Energy drinks also addressed as ‘stimulant drinks’ are to be taken to boost the energy level of the body and mind temporarily and not to be considered as nutritional replacement. Nominal Consumption of 9MM Energy Drinkwith least sugar content is advised for healthy living and energy building.