Download City Maps for Minecraft 1.20

Download City Maps for Minecraft

Download City Maps for Minecraft 1.20: visit the most famous megacities, and also try to survive in an abandoned settlement inhabited by zombies.

Best City Maps for Minecraft 1.20

The creator of City Maps for Minecraft 1.20 has prepared for players an exciting journey through fictional and very real positions that will impress the heroes with their beauty and make them stay for longer.


The whole history of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant is covered with secrets and riddles. Only two decades later, desperate adventurers began to come there to find out the truth. Based on their stories, books, films, and computer games began to appear.

Because of this addition to City Maps for Minecraft 1.20, heroes will be able to investigate the entire territory on their own and even visit the prominent reactor. Be careful, because it is still very unsafe in these locations.


Sponge Bob

This add-on is created for a carefree and fun pastime. Players explore the area where the characters of the world-famous animated series live and, if desired, can stay there to live. Be a full participant in incredible and very exciting events.

City Maps for Minecraft 1.20 is perfect for both single and multiplayer games. The heroes will have to find a button that the creators hid in the home of one of the characters.


Desert City

Experience the Arab town, which is located in the middle of a deserted desert, offered by the creators of City Maps for Minecraft 1.20. This settlement has everything for players to experience the unique atmosphere of the East.

On the central square, the heroes will see a mosque that impresses at first sight with its splendor and grandeur. And at night, the territory will be illuminated with lights, which will create a magical and mysterious atmosphere.



The creators of this add-on City Maps for Minecraft 1.20 have created a completely deserted and abandoned city. All the constructions are covered with ivy and other plants and there is an unsettling ambiance near.

But not only the absence of residents can scare the heroes, but they will also have to face whole armies of zombies and try to survive in this hopeless place.



The town in which the events of the GTA game take place has a rather bad reputation. Mafia and robberies thrive in it, but it is this kind of plot that attracts much more gamers around the planet.

Because of the creators of City Maps for Minecraft 1.20, each user can combine two game planets and visit all the most iconic places.



Since a fully equipped city where heroes can see the airport, shopping mall, restaurants, and more. There are many interesting constructions and streets on the territory.

The main feature of this update of City Maps for Minecraft 1.20 is that it is available to users on absolutely any device.


New York

The creator of City Maps for Minecraft 1.20 offers each hero the to see one of the most beautiful megacities in history. On the territory of this location, the developers managed to recreate prominent constructions, bridges, and even entire streets and districts.

This is a real find for everyone who dreams of visiting this wonderful location.



This time the developers paid special attention to details and because of this they created a truly unique place. Many unusual houses, as well as a beach with yachts and a ship, are waiting for their visitors.

Download City Maps for Minecraft Bedrock Edition 1.20 and go to consider the territory.



Absolutely everyone knows the capital of England, but not everyone can afford to personally see this city and appreciate all its beauty.

By installing City Maps for Minecraft 1.20, heroes will be capable to consider all the houses themselves and see Big Ben and the Royal Palace.