4 Easy Ways to Make Your Boat Interior Look Lighter and Bigger

Easy Ways to Make Your Boat Interior Look Lighter and Bigger

A cramped, dark interior will make your boat feel and look unappealing and uninviting. While a boat’s main purpose is to keep you safe and move from one point to another, ensuring it feels good is important. Here are some of the ways to make your boat interior look lighter and bigger. 

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  1. Clear the Clutter and Get Organized

You can start by removing the visual clutter and everything you don’t need. While it sounds obvious, you will be amazed by how much space you can create by decluttering your boat. Here is how to do it:

  • Sort out the gear into a collection of boat equipment. That is, laundry, wet weather gear, spare parts and tools, food storage, bedding, clothing, charts and navigation equipment.
  • Donate usable things that you don’t need to a nearby thrift shore
  • Recycle what you can
  • Use plastic canisters, ziplock pouches, small jars, baskets and vacuum pouches to keep your things
  1. Apply Light Colors to Your Walls and White On the Ceiling

Painting a light color throughout the sail boat will reflect natural and onboard lighting. A high gloss finish will give you more reflection. Experts recommend semi-gloss point finishes such as eggshell and satin that reflect light when hiding slight imperfections on the wall.

Some boats have dark wood interiors with a heavy layer of varnish. However, with preparation and getting the right accessories from companies like XK Glow, you can sand back the varnish and repaint the walls in your preferred color. If the boat has too much dark wood, it’s not a must you remove it all. You might choose a few main walls to repaint and spare a few wooden features to retain the boat’s character.

Painting the boat’s ceiling a darker color than the walls will make the space feel small. Painting the ceiling white is the easiest way to draw your eyes upward and make the ceiling feel high and the room bigger.

  1. Choose Light-Colored Upholstery

While you can select any pattern or color that you like for the upholstery, not all materials have the same impact on small spaces. Stripes can appeal to small boat saloons even though they are common in the nautical world. Additionally, bold prints can work in tiny spaces with sufficient light.

Select a neutral, light-coloured fabric for cushions and settings to open up the available space and assist in reflecting light. This appears timeless, and you can add some character using personal stuff and other décor. Numerous options exist for higher quality strain, dirt and water-resistant upholstery fabrics. Don’t panic about getting a light fabric; you can throw a blanket on the settee when moving or unpacking gear.

  1. Mount a Statement Mirror

Having strategically mounted mirrors onboard will help reflect light and make the space feel bigger. Consider mounting the mirrors on the back wall. You can also mount a full-length mirror at the passageway. One of the challenges with mirrors is securing them so they don’t swing on the wall when the boat rocks. Make sure they can be fastened at several points. This can be a foam adherence band on the back.


You don’t have to own a large multihull sailboat to live in a perfect space that feels awesome. We believe this guide will inspire you to use these simple ways to change your interior space into a place that feels lighter and bigger.

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