Best Blood Sugar Monitors without Finger Pricks Available In the Market

Best Blood Sugar Monitors without Finger Pricks Available In the Market

Blood sugar monitors are a blessing for diabetic patients. Since they need to keep a good check on their levels, it’s important to have something measuring that for them. However, pricking the fingers for measuring is a painstaking process.

Thankfully, the healthcare industry has introduced blood sugar monitoring devices that don’t require finger pricking every time. These devices only require finger pricking in the beginning for calibration purposes, and then they automatically monitor the metrics.

Moreover, these devices are also synced with smart devices and update the users as well as physicians handling the case. The user just needs to have a steady internet connection so that the metrics are uploaded continuously.

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With that, it’s time to look for some reliable blood sugar monitors without finger pricks that you can opt for:

1.Dexcom G6 CGM System

One of the best options in the market is the Dexcom G6 CGM System. This device allows you to calculate blood sugar levels remotely with just one-time finger pricking for calibration. The device is one of the best-rated when it comes to smartphone compatibility.

In addition, it comes with transmitters and three sensors. The transmitter lasts around 90 days while the sensor lasts for around 10 days respectively. Once the limit is reached, the user will need to buy new components.

Moreover, the device’s system also has automatic updates that it can connect and update via a smartphone app. It also has an ‘urgent low glucose’ predictive alert that alerts the users when they’re about to cross the set threshold, aiding in taking precautions before it gets dangerously low.

2.The Guardian Connect System

Another amazing option in the domain is the Guardian Connect System (GCS). The GCS is quite beneficial in terms of monitoring glucose levels for the patient. The good thing is that it sends warning signs to the patient before the levels are potentially low, helping to avoid any uncongenial circumstances.

Apart from this, the device is also connected with over 600 insurance companies, making it easier for patients to get the system affordably. As for the features, the one that stands out is the rechargeable transmitter that the patient doesn’t have to replace.

Instead, it simply recharges, making the system last longer and available affordably. Plus, there’s an app available on iOS and Android devices. You can easily enroll in a 30-day trial to test the device, and if satisfied, get the device right away.

3.FreeStyle Libre 2 System

With a 14-day trial period that teaches users how to operate it, the FreeStyle Libre 2 System is an excellent glucose-measuring device. In addition, it also has company insurance, which can cover up to $60/ month, and is quite adept at measuring glucose levels automatically.

Moreover, with its measuring capability, it features alarms (optional) to indicate to the user regarding dosage if the level is dropping to the set threshold. You can use the sensors that come with the devices for 14 days at a time.

However, one of the problems with the device is that the app isn’t compatible with all mobile devices. If you’re ordering the device, you can head to the website to check the app’s compatibility for the mobile you have.  

4.Eversense CGM

One of the top-rated blood sugar monitors in the market that has also been approved by the FDA is the Eversense CGM. Although a bit on the expensive side in terms of pricing, the device provides accurate glucose measurements to the users.

It does so by measuring interstitial fluids and sending measurements every 5 minutes. The sensor is usable for around 90 days, after which the user has to replace it. However, it works with the sensor that must be inserted into the body.

Hence, the patients must visit a doctor for this purpose, which is why it’s not suited for those who are unable to visit their doctor/ physician. In addition, the sensor is also sunlight sensitive (direct); hence, the inserted sensor may somewhat bother the user.


Created by DiaMonTech, D-Base is another blood sugar measuring device to get. The good thing about this device is that it uses infrared lasers that cause glucose to convert light into heat. This is then used for collecting information, which is deemed as accurate.

However, the model is as big as a shoebox, making it difficult to carry everywhere. However, the company is working on introducing compact designs that can easily be embedded in fitness bands and smartwatches, making it easier for patients to administer the device anywhere.

Closing Thoughts

With these choices, you or someone you know with diabetes can easily monitor their blood sugar levels without going through the pain of pricking their fingers. Ensure that you’re using the device after consulting your physician and share the data recorded for effective treatment.

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