Though times, there were pet wellness trends that came and went as well, instead of the CBD oil use. It is still a predominant trend visible in the pet owners to use their pet’s health benefits. However, no significant studies are showing that cannabis oil or CBD oil is becoming helpful for pets. Still, several dog owners proved that it treats the dogs with pain, inflammatory disease, anxiety, and depression. But not every CBD product is suitable for pets, though many companies claim that they produce the best CBD products for pets. While researching it, I found this review article where the author recommends the ten best CBD oils for dog owners to choose the best for their dogs and his review of using those. You might find the best CBD products for your dogs there, but you should know how beneficial and risky CBD products can be for your dogs.

Benefits Of Using CBD Oil For Dogs

CBD or cannabidiol is a substance found only in the bud and the flower’s extract of the cannabis plant (Hemp). This product is known as stress relievers and pain relievers for less than 0.3% THC content, unlike marijuana. For this, it can be used for treating some disorders without making anyone “High.” Like humans, certain CBD products are available for pets, too, as they sometimes can get through the pain and anxiety we suffer. Also, they have the endocannabinoid system over their central nervous system and other body organs, just like us. CBD works here, and it makes the body release Serotonin, the natural mood stabilizer. Like us, CBD has so many health benefits in dogs too, some of them are following,

1.// CBD In Treating Anxiety:

Like us, our beloved pets can suffer from severe anxiety and stress. Most times, it happens due to the separation from their owners or the guardian. Dogs seem to be closer to their owners, they love them with their whole heart, and when they don’t see their owners around them, it makes them anxious. Sometimes longer separation causes depression, which can be fatal. The proper amount of CBD oil and pet treats in your beloved furry buddies’ diet can reduce their stress levels and anxiety to make them live happier.

2.// CBD In Treating Seizures:

If you find any time that your beloved dog seems confused or agitated most of the time without any proper reason, or his limbs are getting stiff, or else he starts to make paddling motion frequently, that is alarming. Your dog might have seizures, which is very risky both for the dogs and the owners. CBD helps your dogs by calming them down and making them more stable to reduce this.

3.// CBD In Reducing Pain And Chronic Inflammation:

CBD oil is helpful in severe pain and chronic inflammation. It directly interacts with the dog’s endocannabinoid system and makes the body produce serotonin to calm them down. It reduces pain and chronic inflammation and helps the dogs fall asleep peacefully. And when they sleep the most, they will feel less pain. CBD also benefits the dogs in their joint and arthritis pain.

4.// CBD In Treating Nausea:

CBD can help the dogs tope with their vomiting and nausea problem, although it is for their medications or food habits. It also treats other gastrointestinal issues that your dogs are facing. Also, like us, CBD products can increase the appetite of your dogs and make them hungry. So, you won’t have to deal with their loss of appetite problems.

5.// CBD In Fighting With Cancer Symptoms:

CBD affects the cancer cells and the tumors with its antitumor substances. It helps the dogs with cancer symptoms or with cancer cells to fight with that. The antitumor substance in CBD stops the tumor’s growth and the cancer cells and makes the body fight against it.

6.// CBD In Protecting From Infections:

CBD products strengthen the immune system of the body and protect the dogs from infections. So you don’t have to run behind your dogs anymore; they can play in the mud when they have a strong immune system. Also, it boosts the heart rate of the dogs, which accelerates blood circulation and oxygen transportation throughout the body.

Risks Of Using CBD Oils For Dogs

Although no official studies show adverse effects of using CBD oils for dogs, it is recommended to consult with the vet or the instructors before using any CBD products for your four-legged best friends. There is no official dosage of using CBD products on pets, which sometimes leads to an increased or decreased dosage in their diet, which causes some side effects. To avoid this, you should always use the best quality CBD products for your pets. Though following are some side effects that have been seen on the dogs after applying CBD oil on them without the right dosage,

  • Excessive drowsiness, tiredness, oversleeping, and inactivity
  • Digestive problems like diarrhea, constipation, vomiting, nausea, and lack of appetite.
  • Dry mouth or thirstiness, high blood pressure, and increased heart rates.
  • More anxiety.

However, all CBD products are not produced equally and not suitable for every dog. So, if you like to give a CBD oil treatment to your furry buddy, then proper consultation and only the best quality products must. Before purchasing any products, please ensure them with animal welfare. Please share the article if you like it; thank you for reading this.

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