Niagra Android Launcher

Niagara Launcher is now available for download from the Google Play Store after years of beta testing. It is actually designed to replace the default Android app drawer and home screen grid. It has a layout that is easier to access with a single hand.

Features of Niagara Launcher –

  1. Niagara Launcher helps you to pick your favorite apps to pin on the home screen. All the apps will be accessible under an alphabetized list on the right side of the screen. This feature will assist for easy striking distance of your thumb which is very quick and responsive.
  2. With Niagara Launcher, you can tap on the part of the alphabet or swipe up and down to scroll your apps’ list.
  3. Niagara allows you to take an instant action from the home screen by swiping across any app to get a list of options. Get an easy access of the setting of the new timer in the clock app or start a session with Strava.
  4. With Niagara Launcher, favorite apps or content (solarmovie) will show a preview of notification content on the home screen and a swipe will expand this to show the full text without opening the app.

All the basic features are available with the free version of Niagara Launcher. Customizing your home screen with additional widgets and displaying your battery life percentage needs an upgrade to the paid pro version of Niagara Launcher. Upgrading to the paid version will cost you around $6 per year.

Niagara Launcher – A good concept for clean look

Niagara would really come in handy on a big phone and features a clever design. It is easy for the people who used to travel a lot, as it helps to clung to a rail with one hand for dear life while checking the phone with the other. Obviously, it is pretty handy on a smaller phone and gives an informative look at your notifications without requiring you to open an app.

The best part of the free version of Niagara Launcher is that it does not contain ads. Unlike other apps, it does let you add something as simple as a weather widget without paying for the upgrade. If you wish to get a clean look and a unique solution for those of us with one-handed woes for your phone, just go for it.

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