The last thing anyone wants is to arrive at their destination with no way to get around their new city. While you can’t help delays like inclement weather, you aren’t totally at the mercy of the road. You can work with your auto transporter and follow these tips to reunite with your car sooner than later. 

Choose your auto shipping provider wisely

It’s tempting to aim for the cheapest option, but you may pay those savings back tenfold in headaches and cab fares. Instead of the cheapest, aim for the most reliable shipping companies. From there, you can compare quotes and find a solution that’s both economical and safe. Before you make your final choice, read reviews and choose the company with the best record for delivering on customer needs. 

Established shipping companies like Guardian Auto Transport ( will have verifiable insurance, transparent pricing, and a responsive team. If you can’t find any reviews for an auto transport service, then steer clear. There are tried-and-true options out there. 

While time is always a concern in auto shipping, a reputable service will never pressure you to sign. Assuming that you come to a transporter with enough lead time before your move, there’s no problem with taking an extra day or three to decide. You also have plenty of time to review any paperwork you don’t understand with a quality shipping company. In the event that there is an unexpected delay along your chosen route, the transporter will do everything in their power to get your vehicle delivered. 

Accurately prepare your paperwork

To keep everything running smoothly, gather your information before you visit the auto transporter. Just like you can’t buy a car without identifying information, you can’t ship a car without maneuvering through some red tape. Shipping delays can happen because of missing documentation like the title, insurance, bills of sale, and registration. The auto transporter will also need other details, like the car’s size and weight. When looking to ship your car, try using a car shipping calculator no personal information required, as it can provide an estimate of the shipping cost and other important details needed by the auto transporter

As you prepare your paperwork, include the year, make, and model. Many auto shipping companies know the standard weight for each sedan, pickup truck, and SUV. Your shipping company might also ask what condition the vehicle is in. It can be more expensive to ship a vehicle that doesn’t brake or steer.  If the vehicle no longer runs, the shipping company will need a winch to move it, adding to the price.

Some shipping companies might also charge more if you have added to the vehicle’s weight with modifications.

You should also make sure the shipping company has accurate contact information. The faster the company can contact you, the faster you can resolve any potential delays. As a last layer of defense, double-check your paperwork before the transporter picks up the vehicle.

Follow through on your plan

Being without a vehicle is an inconvenience, so some customers delay leaving their car with the transporter. Rather than making your shipping company wait on you, prepare in advance by renting or borrowing a vehicle to use while yours is in transit. After all, it’d be a hard pill to swallow if it turned out your stubbornness was the reason your car is late. 

On the day of your pick up or drop off, smooth out any hiccups by arriving on time and having all of your paperwork ready to go. 

Wrap up

You don’t want to be left on foot when the time comes to enjoy your destination. Choosing a well-reviewed auto transport company and crossing all of your Ts will help you get back in the driver’s seat before you can say “green light.” 

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