Antigua and Barbuda Citizenship for EU citizens

Antigua and Barbuda Citizenship for EU citizens

Wealthy designers, celebrities, and businessmen want to get everything out of life, so they choose the ideal places to buy a property. The particular country offers extend the number of options available to successful individuals. Developing unique programs helps to attract capital and support the economy.

To choose your preferred offer, it is worth exploring several popular options. When evaluating programs, it is recommended to pay attention to the country’s features and opportunities for professional development. The specialist at Immigrant Invest Zlata Erlach helps with this. Her opinion about Antigua citizenship by investment is confirmed in practice.

Understanding Citizenship in Antigua and Barbuda

It is worth starting your acquaintance with the benefits of the islands’ programs. There are several reasons why it is advantageous to meet the government’s requirements:

  1. Living in a modern society. The desire to improve the quality of life led to the preparation of the offer. Today, the locals have a warm attitude towards foreigners, noticeable from the first minutes of their stay on the island.
  2. Travel without limits. Antigua and Barbuda second citizenship for European citizens will help expand the map of partners and visit new places. You will need a minimum of permits and documents to cross the border.
  3. A unique system of taxation. Property ownership and capital gains are not taxed. In addition, new residents of the islands use the local tax system.

It is easy to enjoy the magnificent views and grow an active business. Business people with families will easily find other benefits of residency and citizenship status. Follow the step-by-step guide for comfort and approval apply.

Citizenship by Investment Program in Antigua and Barbuda for EU citizens

You will need expert help to complete the paperwork and issue permits quickly because the program has no strict restrictions. It is much easier to complete an application with support, but the main way of motivation is the optimal conditions. Applicants choose their preferred method for transferring capital:

  1. Investing in the country. The investor receives the right to add a family and pay for them. So, the application price ranges from $130,000 to $280,000. The main factor affecting the cost will be the number of applicants.
  2. Property ownership. The property’s value must exceed 230 thousand dollars (260 thousand for families). You can use real estate for living or renting.
  3. Investing in business. Foreigners register a company and create jobs. It is also possible to become a co-owner of the existing organization. The cost, in this case, reaches up to 610 thousand dollars.

Return on investment depends on the decision of the applicant. An evaluation of the offer and familiarization with the features help you find the right one. For this, the help of an expert is useful.

Eligibility Criteria for Antigua and Barbuda Citizenship

Applicants for citizenship pass verification, including criminal responsibility and other difficult situations in the applicant’s biography. It is possible to simplify the procedure because the main requirements are listed in the application form. So, foreigners need to complete the application with documents on:

  • health status;
  • no criminal record;
  • family composition;
  • financial situation;
  • payment of taxes.

You can apply after reaching the age of majority. It is a mandatory requirement. It is up to the applicant to decide which family members will be added to the application. The government will only approve the application if added persons meet the requirements.

Process of Acquiring Antigua and Barbuda Citizenship for EU Citizens

Working on the papers takes time. For example, it takes six months to obtain Antigua and Barbuda citizenship as EU citizen. The minimum term of application process is three months. Investors go through the procedure step by step, which includes:

  • registration of the application at the embassy in person or by an intermediary;
  • providing documents and investments in the specified amount;
  • conducting a verification of the information entered in the apply form;
  • sending the decision to the appellant’s current address.

Access to numerous Antigua and Barbuda citizenship benefits justifies the time spent. The speed of application processing depends on the workload of the embassy and consulate staff. Information about the applicant’s status is available to the involved agency specialists.

Living in Antigua and Barbuda as an EU Citizen

Living in the territory of the islands will allow you to enjoy and take advantage of the benefits of being a permanent resident. The new taxation system, the ability to cross the border during the restrictions, and hassle-free travel worldwide are available to every passport holder.

Quality medical care and education allow you to care for yourself and your family. This way, you can avoid problems and enjoy the company of like-minded people.


While there are several ways of obtainment a passport, it is simple enough for investors to get Antiguan passport. The requirements are easy to fulfill, and the affordable cost attracts even more attention. The ability to choose a suitable option for families of 6 people also explains the offer’s popularity.

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Written by Joshua White

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