Find Out More About The US Gold Bureau And The Different Products They Offer

Since 2003, the United States Gold Bureau has maintained its reputation as a premier precious metal supplier. The services of the bureau extend standard metal refinery and safekeeping and include precious metals storage at the Texas Bullion Depository, which is the only storage facility of precious metals to be state-administered in the U.S. With this unique responsibility, the bureau offers exemplary storage options overseen by the state, and at reasonable industry prices.

Beyond these services, as of 2021, the bureau added a new brand, Wholesale Coins Direct, to its family of brands which provides the same exemplary products and services. No matter how significant the purchase, the bureau makes it its mission to meet the goals of every customer. The bureau upholds the core belief of providing superior protection of precious metals and being a precious metals dealer that is not only trustworthy but has the experience and strategies to meet your expectations.

If you are in the process of a precious metals investment, the US Gold Bureau can assist you with the decision-making process on choosing the right investment for you and will provide a thorough, protected purchasing experience. With four specific purchasing options, your order will be fulfilled as you see fit. For more information on the US Gold Bureau and the products they offer, continue reading below.

Products Offered By The US Gold Bureau

You can find a range of products at the US Gold Bureau, including gold and silver collectible coins, bars, and rounds. The bureau is the leading dealer of gold coins and bars from the US Mint; these are all investment quality. Many precious metals are also available, including platinum, palladium, and other unique finds that make diversifying your portfolio a walk in the park.

The products offered by the US Gold Bureau include, but are not limited to:

  • Gold: standard, vintage, and international coins, bars
  • Silver: standard, pre-65 coins, international coins, bars, and rounds
  • Platinum: coins (American Eagles, international) and bars
  • Palladium
  • Rare coins (curated choices from around the globe)
  • Coin storage solutions: boxes, safes, holders, coin tubes
  • Testing kits (apparatus, metal verifier)

The US Gold Bureau also sells Goldbacks, miscellaneous gift accessories, and coin purchases. New products are gradually introduced and featured on the US Gold Bureau’s website with further information. Coin boxes and other collectibles infamous, fictional themes, such as Star Wars, are common favorites.

Continued Client Education And Services

  • For continuing client education, the US Gold Bureau has dozens of articles and entries on its website that extensively explain the research and analysis that should be done before investment. Specific readings are also available that define the specifics of various coins, rounds, and bars.
  • Specific client services are also offered, including portfolio planning which can help clients better understand their investment options. You also have the opportunity to sell precious metals to the US Gold Bureau if that is of interest to you. Scroll under the “Education” tab on the website to find information on how to sell to the US Gold Bureau within the “investment tools” section.

What You Can Expect At The Time Of Purchase

Expect To Receive Quality Assurance

If you are interested in making a precious metals purchase, the US Gold Bureau will inform you of the four specific ways your funds are managed under the firm. You can fund your purchase through wire transfer, electronic check, credit card, or barter credit. To finalize your order, a floor supervisor will review your order details with a standard quality assurance protocol.

Expect To Confirm Your Understanding

A standard disclaimer message will be played, then you will verbally confirm your agreement to the terms and conditions with a “yes” for your order to complete its confirmation. Then, your transaction will be secured and verified, and your purchase will be allocated instantly for your order. You’ll receive a confirmation email and order number details in one business day.

Expect Fraud Protection And Efficient Shipping

From there, the order undergoes a fraud verification process and a shipment time of two weeks. You will also agree to the terms and conditions to confirm your order. You can expect to receive a shipping tracking number upon shipment.

How To Know You Can Trust Them

  • The US Gold Bureau is a member of ICTA (Industry Council on Tangible Assets), implying that it ensures that the company upholds itself by providing only the highest standard of professionalism and ethical conduct. Additionally, leaders in the industry rely on the bureau to meet their standards, which include raising the expectations of what customers expect from their experience.
  • Moreover, the US Gold Bureau has a series of credentials backing its trustworthiness and quality of service. Included in the list of credentials is the bureau’s compliance with the Federal Trade Commission and the precious metals industry-leading associations.
  • The US Gold Bureau is also capable of guaranteeing the origin, authenticity, and other conditional factors of every product they offer, as it is an authorized bulk purchaser from the US Mint. You are guaranteed to receive a genuine precious metal purchase every time.

What They Offer Clients At Every Stage Of The Business Relationship

For clients in the process of building their portfolio, the US Gold Bureau will assign each client to a precious metals expert who will help guide the process without charge. This free service intends to provide the client with the knowledge they need to make the right investments. The advisors are there to assist each customer with their goals; they create a plan tailored to the expectations of the client and the client’s resources and have no agenda of their own about the specifics of client purchase(s). 

Receive Exceptional Service That Meets Your Investment Needs

Whether you want to diversify your portfolio or purchase your first genuine coin, the US Gold Bureau is there to help. Regardless of the purchase, the US Gold Bureau strives to provide you with a secure and knowledgeable experience that meets your investment needs. 

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