6 year old Adopted Child Turned as 22 year old Adult Scammer after Adoption | How old actually Natalia Grace is?

How old Natalia Grace

Natalia Grace became famous in 2019 because of the controversial adoptive scenario. According to the sources, Natalia was accused by her previous adoptive family of claiming she is not a 6-year-old child but is 22 years old adult sociopath with dwarfism. And also, her previous adoptive father, Michael Barnett, was accused of Child neglect

All over the internet, it claims that Natalia Grace, who also suffers from dwarfism, was not just a “6 old years innocent child” but was a “22 years old scam artist and sociopath”. The problem is all the internet things are true? was Natalia Grace a Child or an Adult? 

On October 27, 2022, Natalia Grace’s adoptive father was found not guilty of neglected charges by the Tippecanoe Country courthouse Leaving only one problem that actually How old is Natalia, and is she actually that evil? So let’s find out what happened. 

How old Natalia Grace actually is?

The age controversy surrounding Natalia Grace, a Ukrainian orphan, has sparked intense debate. There has no correct information about her age. But according to Dr. Phill’s interview with her in 2019, Dr. Phill admitted that Natalia Grace is 16 years old. Also after the show Daily Mail claimed that they found a woman who claimed a Natalia was her Daughter.

Natalia Grace’s old story 

Natalia Grace, an adoptee from Ukraine, entered the public spotlight in 2019 due to a highly contentious case surrounding her age and adoption. Natalia was also diagnosed with dwarfism. In 2010, Natalia Grace was adopted by Michael Barnett and his ex-wife Kristine Barnet. They adopted 6 years old Little girl that they found from an orphan. After years, the couple said that they were traumatized from seeing that 6 years old little girl had puberty hair when she was bathing. 

“I was giving her a bath, and I noticed that she had full pubic hair. I was so shocked,” 

Kristine Barnet

In 2019 Michael Barnett was charged with neglect of a dependent for allegedly leaving their daughter, Natalia Barnett, in an apartment. And the case was dismissed in 2022 when the jury found out he was not guilty

Dr. Phil’s interview with Natalia 

In 2019 Dr. Phill arranged an interview with Natalia and her new adoptive parents. In the interview, Dr. Phill said, “You say you are 16. Are you a 16 years old or 33 years old scam artist?”. With a little smile, Natalia says, “No, No, I promise you I’m not.” 

“I actually thought I’d found the right family after bouncing around a lot of families,”


Dr. Phill admitted that she is not a scam artist and is just a 16-year-old child. Furthermore, her adoptive parents said she was with them for almost 7 years, and they never saw that Natalia had been a psychopath or Scammer. 

Natalia new family

Natalia Gracer’s new documentary series by her Former Adoptive Father?

The Curious Case of Natalia Grace is a new docuseries that delves into the controversial story surrounding Natalia Grace and her adoptive family. Directed by Michael Barnett, the series features exclusive interviews with members of Natalia’s adoptive family, including her father, Michael Barnett, and brother Jacob Barnett, as well as relatives, friends, legal experts, and neighbors. The docuseries premiered on Investigation Discovery and aired on three consecutive nights starting Monday, May 29, from 9-11 p.m.

But the problem is this was directed by Natalia’s former adoptive father. And the man who abandoned his adoptive 7 years old child for years in the old house. So do you think it can be true?

However, after years Natalia Greace’s case rose to dorm again because of the new tv series. And the world is waiting for that. What do you think? Will it be a good series, or is it just another revenge? 

What do you think?

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