A Step-By-Step Guide To Store Bitcoins (For Newbies)

If you’re new to Bitcoin and want to get started, here’s a step-by-step guide. Before you buy your first bitcoins, it’s important to understand how they work. First of all, they’re not physical—they exist only online. They’ve been around since 2009 and are now used worldwide in a variety of ways: from buying products online to paying for plane tickets and so on! For more information about crypto trading then click here.

Bitcoin is the most popular form of cryptocurrency that showed up in the financial investment market  in 2009. Afterwards, there are several coins launched in the market, known as Altcoin or alternative coins. Investing in bitcoin can be easy once you are done opening your crypto account, and you can link your bank account with your crypto exchange account to buy BTC.

It is better to hold your coins for a longer period to get the best returns, but you must have an exit plan when you enter this market. If you think that the price of bitcoin will be dropped soon then you can sell your coins through your exchange, and you can turn your BTC into cash to get it credited to your bank account, which is already linked to your crypto account. As it requires some transaction fees, you can also sell your coins directly to a buyer through online platforms.

All About Selling Your Traded Coins- Points To Note

When it comes to Bitcoin investment, the experts in this field recommend holding your BTC for years to get the best returns because this market is highly volatile and the value of bitcoin will increase over time. So, you need to use a secured wallet to store your coins. You should not sell your coins and consider this market for inter-day trading, because you need to pay a transaction fee for each trade and that can reduce your profit margin. So, it is better to choose a cold or hardware-based wallet to store your coins for a longer period.

You can use software wallets or hot wallets for your convenience, as most of these wallets are available free of cost, and you can download such apps on your mobile and laptop to access your coins. But software wallets are risky and they can be hacked easily. So, if you have the plan to hold your coins then you must use a hardware-based wallet.

The Practical Guide: How To Buy Bitcoins

If you’ve been interested in buying bitcoins, but are not sure how to get started, this article is for you!

We will dive into the basics to help you buy your first bitcoin. Let’s get started-

  • You need to open a crypto account on an exchange. You can search for such exchanges online and you will find many. But check their reviews and previous records to choose a reliable platform. Apart from that, exchanges have some hidden charges that you will need to bear for your transactions with BTC, and you must check their charges before you open an account.
  • Once you open an account on an exchange, you need to verify your account with KYC. You can submit your documents online to verify your accounts. It is mandatory because it can prevent illegal activities and money laundering activities with bitcoin. People can make online transactions with bitcoin without disclosing their identity, but their identity can be tracked through their exchange account if they do anything illegal.
  • Once you verify your account, you can link your account with your bank account, and you can use your debit card for the same. After that, you will need to fund your crypto accountto make transactions..
  • Once you are done, you can then easily place a purchase order and buy bitcoins.But do not leave your coins in your exchange account and always transfer your coins to a secured wallet to store your coins.


Apart from that, you can buy bitcoin through your PayPal account, as you can find BTC available on PayPal. There are bitcoin ATMs available in selected locations from where you can buy such coins. But you need to pay a huge transaction fee for the same. For more information, be sure to check out https://thenewsspy.technology/contact/.

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