A Perfect Figure For Women: 10 Best Workout To Burn Your Belly Fat

2021 is the time when everyone more or less knows about their body shape. Women especially know what type of body they want. It is for sure that everybody’s shape is adorable but there are some personal preferences as well. You cannot lie that at least once you tried to die because you wanted to fit in a dress. Well, these kinds of small fitness goals are completely normal but the most important thing here is to see the process. Even after working so hard and avoiding all of your favorite food, could you achieve that dream figure? If not then all of your hard work is wasted and you need to start over.

Dieting and exercising would never be easy but if you would get the right kind of combination then you would see results. If you know about the target area of your body then deciding the workouts would be easy for you. Fortunately, there are some amazing workouts that would burn your weight. The most stubborn area of our body is the belly and this is the part that women want slim. Getting rid of belly fat is a dream but it is equally difficult at the same time. Sometimes, even the hardest workout doesn’t work so you have to be patient to get the result. You might have to change some workouts but if you would be constant then you would get the result. Healthclubfinder have brought some of the best workouts that would help in burning the belly fat:


This is a kind of all in one workout as it would look after your core so it will almost work for all sections of the body. This is a nice workout to start with as it would promote belly toning. This workout might look easy but this would need a lot of energy to pull on this workout. It will be great if you will do this at least 20 times a day in the beginning and later you can increase the number.

Mountain climbs:

Are you looking for a workout that will do justice to your belly fat as soon as possible? Well, in this case, nothing would be better than the mountain climb. This is an easy exercise that will help you with toning your belly. You just have to lay down touching the ground with your hands straight and pretend to climb a mountain as fast as you can.

The Turkish get-up:

This workout has a lot to do with the weights rather it is weight training that will help you lose those extra belly pounds. This workout is effective for body types and surprisingly almost everyone can do this. You can start with a lightweight dumbbell and gradually you can increase the weight of the dumbbell if needed. Doing it for at least 10 minutes a day would help you a lot.

The medicine ball burpees:

This would include a big gym ball but you can easily do this workout at home. The main purpose of this workout is to make your core strong. This special workout would also help in making your body sturdy. If you would do this workout at least 10 minutes a day then the results would be visible. You would easily be able to lose your belly fat in this way.


This is again an amazing workout that will look after almost all parts of your body. If you would be constant with this workout then you would easily lose your belly fat. The best thing is that you can do this exercise right in your home without any additional equipment. This would consume a lot of your energy so the fat burning process would be very fast with this amazing workout.

Side to side medicine ball slams:

While you would dream and plan to get that toned belly, just losing weight is not enough. Apart from losing those extra pounds, you also have to tone your belly. If your belly would not be toned then it would not look that great so doing this exercise would help you a lot.

Over the head medicine ball slams:

It is for sure that the medicine ball has a lot to do with your weight loss journey. This workout is again going to be done with a medicine ball where you have to place the ball over your head and jump. This would help you tone your entire body while you would also lose a lot of weight.

The Russian twist:

This is an extremely easy workout that women can do at home. You would literally need nothing to do this workout but it still would cut all the unwanted fat from your belly. This would also help in strengthening your legs and at the same time, your thigh fat would also shed. You can do this exercise for 15 minutes a day for the best results.

Running on an incline:

This is the only workout that we have included in this list that needs a gym. Here you would need a treadmill and set it in incline. Now you just have to set the speed of the treadmill and walk for a good 20 minutes. This workout would do wonders for your body shape and belly fat which is a great thing for sure.


Nothing is as easy as walking if you would ask for good exercise. This is one such workout that you can do anytime and this would look after the well being of your entire body. You should always get some spare time in the morning to walk and enjoy the fresh air. This would make your body energetic and you would have good health at the time which is just amazing.