8 reasons to pursue an engineering degree


Some degrees have the potential to fast forward your career development process; engineering is one of them. Like every career, a career in engineering has its pros and cons, but one thing about this field is that it is fascinating and dynamic.

Engineering is one of those careers that are evolving all the time. New technology brings forward new ideas for engineers to work on. So, once you land this career, your life never gets dull. You will always have some idea or a prototype to work on.

For some people, a challenging career is a blessing, but for many others, not really. If you like challenges, this career is for you. Here are some more reasons for studying engineering after college.

1. Engineers have value

No one would want to get into a career that has no value in the market and makes them nobody. Engineering is far from this issue. Having an engineering degree in hand means getting into a prestigious career that everyone recognizes and admires.

When you tell someone you have an engineering degree, their first reaction is, “wow.” It means your value as an individual increases considerably with an engineering degree. Everyone knows that getting an engineering degree requires hard work and dedication. Hence, it is natural for people to respect you.

2. A plethora of career options

One of the emphasized benefits of considering a degree in engineering is that you get to have a plethora of career options. There is a long list of engineering degrees you can choose from. 

If you are fond of making formula cars, you can get a degree in Automotive engineering. Similarly, if space and spacecraft are your passion, get a BS or “bachelor aerospace engineering” to kick start your career. These are just a few options to give you an idea because, for a future engineer, there is hardly a limit when it comes to career options. 

3. Get employability skills

Learning is not the only goal in your mind when you consider a career. The ultimate employment opportunities waiting for you at the end of the degree are often the main focus.

For employment, you need more than bookish and technical knowledge. Having employability skills is a must too. The benefit of getting a degree in engineering is that you can also polish your employability skills.

Engineering students often work in teams, so they learn team-building and teamwork skills. They usually have projects that must be completed within a deadline, which teaches them the importance of time management and meeting deadlines.

In addition to the skills mentioned above, your analytical, logical thinking, reasoning, and decision-making skills get polished during an engineering degree course. So, in this sense, an engineering degree prepares you with practical knowledge and enhances your chances of getting employed.

4. High salary potential

The probability of getting a high salary at the end of a career is a perk of an engineering degree. Due to the complex nature of their job, their high salary is justified too. 

Engineering is among the top 10 highly paid degree subjects, according to a 2017 report. Even within the broader engineering field, some areas are much more lucrative than others. According to this report, petroleum engineering comes to the top regarding salary potential. 

The average salary of an engineer, according to indeed.com’s survey, is $58,379 per year, which is more than many other careers.

If having a better salary potential, the ability to change your living standards and lifestyle, and living a comfortable life is your goal, you must choose one of the highly-paid engineering careers. 

5. Stability of career

Engineers have a stable careers. Engineering is one of those professions that have offered more employment opportunities than others. Even when it dropped in September 2009, the unemployment rate in this field was approximately 6.4. In contrast, the overall unemployment rate in the market was 10 percent.

6. Become a contributing citizen

An engineer’s job revolves around problems they must solve daily. Their job allows them to help society uniquely by inventing and developing new or improved systems, infrastructures, and products.

The problems people face in everyday life reach engineers, who look, analyze and research for their answers. For example, the development of eco-friendly cars, renewable energies, homes, etc., thanks to engineers working in various fields. Therefore, as an engineer, you will become a contributing and responsible member of society.

7. Boundaryless employment opportunities

If you aspire to change your place of living, live, and work abroad, engineering is the career you must get into. Engineers are required worldwide as long as you qualify for a job position. Problems like eco-friendly housing, energy saving, access to water and electricity, pollution-free cities, etc., are present worldwide.

The knowledge and skills you get during an engineering degree program are often international. Therefore, they can be applied and used anywhere in the world. This is why you will see someone who graduated from India, Pakistan, or Sri Lanka working in many European countries.

On top of that, if you know more than one language, your chances of getting employment abroad increase, and you can enjoy your work and the experience that comes with it.

8. Creative thinking

One of the bonuses of an engineering degree is that not a dull day comes in your life. Your brain is always busy creating new products and systems. Your education makes you inquisitive and instigates you to question the conventional designs and their efficacy, look for loopholes and work on their better versions.

The creativity that comes with this profession is the best element of this career. For many people, the opportunity to use their minds creatively is the sole reason for getting into this career.


Engineering is the best career for you if you like the challenge of solving intricate problems. During the degree program, you will work on countless problems and ideas. As a result, you will become a problem solver. You will have the confidence to get face-to-face with any problem that comes your way and solve it with confidence.

Apart from problem-solving, other perks that come with this career are mentioned above. If considering a profession, deliberate on engineering as your future career.