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There are many popular mobile games enjoyed by millions of people around the world but what if you want to try something different? You are in the right place as we bring you 5 under the radar mobile games you need to try in 2024.

Extreme Crazy Bowling

Bowling games have always been popular as they are easy to pick up and play but Extreme Crazy Bowling offers something new to the genre. Rather than a standard game of 10 pin bowling like other simulators, Extreme Crazy Bowling is all about causing mayhem on the bowling lanes. From breaking the walls between lanes to hitting other people’s pins using custom balls, Extreme Crazy Bowling is a lot of fun.


Have you ever thought about creating your own mobile game? If so, Downpour is for you and this is like a game, within a game. Downpour allows you to create simple video games using the photos from your mobile phone. Developing the game is simple and requires no coding experience as you choose photos, add text, place buttons, and link the pages together. It is not possible to create the next Pokémon Go but you will have a lot of fun making and playing your own mobile game.

Krispee Street

In terms of under the radar mobile games in 2024, they do not come much better than Krispee Street. This mobile game is available on iOS and is a hidden object game created by Netflix. The game is based on a webcomic, but you do not need to have read the comic to enjoy the game. The colourful artwork often looks chaotic, but Krispee Street is a pleasure to play, with the aim of finding objects and characters hidden within the landscape. If you want to spend an hour relaxing with a game, Krispee Street is a wonderful choice.

Fire Portals

Big Bass Bonanza, Wolf Gold, and Sweet Bonanza are three of the top real money mobile slot games created by Pragmatic Play. However, one of their mobile slots that has gone under the radar in 2024 is Fire Portals. Available to play at Razed, Fire Portals is played against the backdrop of a turning virtual wheel among ancient ruins. The slot is played on a 7×7 grid, and the symbols include swords, rings, goblets, potions, medallions, and fire balls. The aim of the game is to make combinations of symbols that produce a fire ball multiplier, and this can hugely increase your winnings.

Ghost in the Mirror

This is a paid mobile game, but it is worth the small fee because Ghost in the Mirror is one of our top under the radar mobile games you must try in 2024. Ghost in the Mirror is a point and click adventure game and you can use the items you find on your journey to solve problems. This is not a game for those who want nice clean fun, it is often quite deranged and there is plenty of humour involved. For those looking for something a little different from their mobile gaming in 2024, Ghost in the Mirror comes highly recommended.

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