Get RS3 gold with Runescape Archaeology

Here’s what you need to do to get your Archaeology skills to the max.

When Archaeology made its way to Runescape, it provided the game with one of the biggest updates it has ever seen. A skill that boasts 120 levels, this gave players the options of excavating and restoring artefacts. To get to the maximum level, it is going to take you a while. But having knowledge of where the right places to dig at the right time is very important, more so than any amount of Runescape gold. With that in mind, let’s take a look at what we need to do to get to the top level.

Getting Started

To start off with, we are going to take a look at where we will need to dig at specific levels. That said, for the first five levels, you can spend this at the Varrock Digsite tutorial. Then, we are going to be heading over to Kharid-et for the next 15 levels. From level 5 to 12, you can use the Venator Remains. Going to level 17, use the Legionary Remains. And from level 17 to 20, head to the Castra Debris.

We are now going to be moving onto the Infernal Source digsite. We can use the Lodge Bar Storage for five levels, though we can head back to Kadrid-et for a short while to get up to 29 at Administratum Debris. Go back to Infernal Source after this, going to the Cultist Footlocker to take you up to level 36. To get to level 42, go over to the Sacrificial Altar.

Unlocking Assistant Qualification

You will have unlocked the Assistant Qualification by this point, if you’ve finished a mystery, a collection log, and have repaired at least 25 artefacts. This means we will be heading to a new location for a digsite. Firstly, head to Prodomoi Remains at Everlight. This will take you to level 45, after which we can go back to Infernal Source for a couple of levels at Dis Dungeon Debris. Once you’ve reached 47, you can get to 48 at Praesidio Remains at Kharid-et.

At Everlight, we are going to be able to get to level 70. For the most part anyway, as we will be going to Monoceros Remains, Ampitheatre Debris and Ceramics Studio Debris in Everlight. This is where we need to take a bit of a detour back to Kharid-et to take us from 58 to 61 at Carcerem Debris. Stadio Debris in Everlight and Infernal Art at Infernal Source brings us to 68, followed by Shakroth Remains and Dominion Games Podium so we finally reach 70. Keep your Runescape gold away for now, as we have more digsites to visit.

Unlocking Associate Qualification

By now, you’ll have 10 mysteries and five logs finished, with 24 hours of research to gain access to Associate Qualification. We can then go to Stormguard to go to the Ikovian Memorial. Head back to Everlight when you reach level 72, where you can go to Oikos Studio Debris, before going to Kharid-et Chapel Debris to get to 76.

By this point, you will unlock Warforge, where you can get to level 81 at the Gladiatorial Goblin Remains. Now that we are past 80, we can go to Pontifex Remains to reach level 83. You will be able to use Soil Tea at this point to get from 81 to 83 if you wish.

Goblin Dorm Remains at Warforge is our next stop. We will then get to level 85 with Oikos Fishing Hut Remnants. Weapons Research at Stormguard, Orcus Altar at Kharid-et and Big High War God Shrine at Warforge will get you to level 91.

Unlocking Professor Qualification

After reaching level 90, you will have 500 artefacts, 20 collection logs, and a total of 15 mysteries. You will also have 72 hours of research. At this point, you’ll have gained access to Professor Qualification to help you get to level 120.

Go to Gravitron Research in Stormguard to get to 92, and Acropolis Debris at Everlight. You are going to be heading to different locations for pretty much every level or two until you get to 99. So head to Amarium Debris, Yu’Buisk Animal Pen, Keshik Tower Debris, Goblin Trainee Remains and Byzroth Remains.

To complete your journey to level 120, you are going to focusing on finishing your collections and restoring artefacts. So you won’t miss the likes of the RS3 discontinued items that will help you get there. That said, there are still some Runescape items that will help you, as long as you have the RS3 gold to pay for them.

Have you been to these digsites in Runescape Archaeology? Let us know your experience excavated the materials, soil, and artefacts in the comments section below!

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