5 Things to Mind When Looking for a New UTE Toolbox Canopy


Owning and driving a UTE means versatility in operating. Every UTE driver is happy to know they can do everything they think of with their vehicle. With a powerful engine, comfortable driver’s cabin, and a huge rear tray, the word impossible is not in their dictionary.

Every UTE driver looks forward to improving the looks and utility of their cars. With so many items available on the market, it only takes creativity and financial capability. Although most additional items are not expensive, they can often cost more than the actual vehicle when combined.

One valuable item made for UTEs is the toolbox canopy. This toolbox provides more storage in the rear tray. It also provides the safety of the items stored as it is closed and made inaccessible to others other than the owner. 

Choosing the best toolbox canopy is often a complex task. Many options are available, and one should know everything about them before choosing. In this article, we share five valuable pieces of information to help you choose. Follow up and learn more.

1. Material it is made of

Toolboxes, trundle drawers, canopies, and other vehicle accessories are most commonly made of a few materials – stainless steel, plastic, aluminum, and titanium. All of them have their pros and cons. You must know what they are to decide which ones will work best for you.

Let’s take a look at them shortly.

  • Stainless steel – it is heavy and will make additional weight on your vehicle. It is also prone to oxidation and might get rusty after some time. However, it is nearly indestructible no matter the impact in encounters, and it is one of the most affordable solutions.
  • Plastic – this one’s not reliable as plastic is easily torn into pieces. No one can guarantee the safety of your items inside, as burglars can easily cut through it. However, it is extremely lightweight and affordable.
  • Aluminum – this is what they call best value for money. It is affordable, highly durable, and looks great. Most vehicle owners will opt for aluminum because it provides the best of both worlds while owning almost no downsides.
  • Titanium – a material used for creating space crafts. With it, you understand how strong it is. Nothing can get through while being extremely lightweight. Because of these features, it is many times more expensive than aluminum. 

2. Installation process

When you buy a new toolbox canopy, the seller will most likely ask you if you want them to mount it on your vehicle. Some people agree while others are more into doing this themselves. They like to have control over the situation.

If you want the sellers to provide the installation, you have nothing to mind other than when you pick up your vehicle. You’ll need the right toolbox mounting kit and some mounting skills if you want to do it yourself. If you’re not skilled in these things, it’s best to let the pros do their jobs, and if you love spending time around your UTE, choose your own installation and save some money.

3. How big it is and can it fit everything you need

With various options available, you must pick the perfect one for your needs. The rear tray is enormous, and opting for a toolbox covering the entire area means creating a vast space. Most people don’t need this kind of storage, so think about getting something smaller.

Manufacturers offer different sizes and shapes, from toolboxes made to fit only the most essential tools needed for your trip to enormous canopies that will cover the entire rear tray. Many will use these canopies to create remote bedrooms inside and go on camping without worrying about a place to stay overnight.

4. Safety locks and security

Suppose you’re a contractor. You need a big toolbox canopy to store everything you own inside and a lock on the toolbox. When you’re done with work, you want to leave the canopy and worry about nothing.

Many toolboxes are made to perfection, with locks providing ultimate security, but others are less safe than the first ones. Inspect your options and ensure you own a flawless toolbox with an excellent safety lock.

5. Design always plays a significant role

Finally, the thing to think about that has nothing to do with features, safety, fuel consumption, or durability – is design. Although toolbox canopies are made to provide value for your vehicle, you still want your UTE to look great. You’ll drive it through the city, so you want people to admire it.

With various designs and colors, you should think about how it will look. Some prefer the checker plate option that looks tough, while others love spray painting in motives that they enjoy. It’s your choice at the end of the day, so think about what you love.

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Written by Joshua White

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