Easy Ways to Score Full Marks in Class 7 English

English is the international language of communication. If one desires a solid position in the global workforce, one must understand it thoroughly. That is why English plays such an important role in our schools’ curricula and is a required subject in all board exams. To get the highest score in Class 7 English exam, refer to the NCERT Class 7 English Alien Hand Book, and diligently follow the below-listed preparation tips: 

  1. Refer to the Syllabus, which has been revised and updated.

The first step is to become well-versed in the most recent CBSE English syllabus for Class 7. In the last days of revision, do not spend time learning from the deleted portions, if any. Take a printout of the updated curriculum to avoid any last-minute complications. Then, in your NCERT textbook, cross out all of the removed chapters and subjects. This will make your preparation process easier.

  1. Develop a reading habit.

If you want to do well in English, a reading habit is essential. You’ll need a lot of practice to be able to read and grasp the unseen passages in the limited time allotted in the examination hall. At least three times a week, spend half an hour reading newspapers and storybooks. This will not only help you improve your reading speed, but it will also help you improve your ability to acquire information and understand it rapidly. Always read the questions before going through the unseen passages in the exam hall, so you can keep looking for solutions while reading them.

  1. Improve your writing abilities.

You will be required to write numerous essays as well as formal and informal letters, notices, reports, and advertisements for your CBSE Class 7 English exam. Revise the formats thoroughly while keeping the time restriction in mind. 15 days before the exam, practice composing letters and essays on alternative days. During the preparation process, remember to keep the word restriction in mind.

3. Improve your ability to think critically.

If you master this cognitive talent, which is necessary for passing the literature portion of the CBSE class 7 English test, it will serve you well for the rest of your life. Try to create a parallel text when reading prose or poetry. Encourage yourself to read the material through the lens of your own thoughts. To discover fresh viewpoints and perspectives, discuss them with your classmates and teachers.

  1. Important quotes and names should be memorized.

Quoting lines from your syllabus’s poetry, plays, or prose on your answer sheet will certainly get you good scores. Learn them by memory, write them down on sticky notes, and keep them in your study space so you can run over them quickly anytime you have a spare moment. Furthermore, remembering the names of writers is important for your English exam. 

  1. Revise your notes on a frequent basis.

You should review your notes on major themes and characters for the poetry and prose in your curriculum on a regular basis. While reviewing, critically examine your notes and discuss any changes you believe should be made with your teacher.

  1. Make an effort to improve your answer presentation.

Prepare an answer writing approach in addition to memorising and understanding the Class 7 English chapters. Even when you know the solution to a question, you can lose marks due to poor answer writing and presentation skills. Answers should be written in crisp, clear, and legible handwriting. Make a list of all the important terms and underline them in the examination. Make sure to use proper space and write your answers in the correct order. When all of these answer writing strategies are used, your answers will stand out in the exam and earn you additional marks.

  1. Solve the question papers from previous years.

In every exam, you should follow this golden principle. At home, complete each paper in a three-hour time limit at regular intervals. This activity will not only help you better manage your time, but it will also help you discover your weak areas. Work on these areas on a regular basis to improve your scores in Class 7 English examination. 

  1. Before the exam, clear every doubt and don’t leave them unattended till the last minute.

You will have a lot of doubts, questions, and queries when you are learning. Do not be afraid to seek assistance from your educators and mentors. Avoid accumulating uncertainties by resolving them as soon as feasible. If left unanswered for a long time, doubts might become roadblocks in your preparation path. To have a stress-free and clarity-driven exam preparation, immediately clear your doubts.

  1. Take good care of yourself.

Students must maintain their mental and physical health while studying for the exam. As opposed to someone who is sleep-deprived and lacks focus and attention, a healthy body and mind will acquire information more rapidly and effectively. Ensure that you are well-rested on the day of the exam so that you can perform your best. Illness might be a major roadblock in your preparation process, potentially preventing you from scoring high. So, look after your physical health by exercising frequently, eating good foods, being hydrated, getting enough sleep, and taking care of your mental health through meditation and self-care.

  1. Keep the following additional points in mind to ace the Class 7 English examination:

• Choose the questions you find easy to answer during the 15-minute question paper reading time period. Decide which ones you want to answer first. To gain confidence, start with the simple ones.

• Allocate enough time to each question based on its importance (marks weightage).

• Double-check whether you have numbered your answers correctly. Also, when attempting answers from each section, make sure you follow the correct order. Instead of altering the order, leave vacant space for a question you would like to answer later.

• Make sure your handwriting is clean and avoid overwriting.

• Make sure you provide enough space between two answers in your answer sheet.

Finally, understanding these tips isn’t enough. You must make sure that you execute the above-mentioned strategies on a consistent basis. If you keep your preparation simple, scoring well in the Class 7 English exam is not tough. A few hours of continuous study time each day can go a long way towards ensuring that you clear the exam with flying colors. All the Best!