5 Major Issues to Check in an SEO Audit Caused Due to Ongoing Website Updates

If you regularly deal with webpage management and SEO organizing, then you must know how much of a hectic job it is, especially due to the ongoing website updates that cause issues like SEO audit, which hampers the performance of the SEO. If you are working with an SEO company, you may have the luxury of handing off this responsibility to an external specialist who can take care of any on-site and off-site issues that affect your Google search appearance. If you aren’t quite that fortunate, you will need to monitor your site on a regular basis to prevent the issues that can cause due to mismanagement of the site.   And for doing so, you can seek assistance from a Miami SEO Agency. Here are the major issues that you need to keep checking to resolve the website related problems:

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Site Uptime:

Most of the time, a very common problem that occurs due to the SEO audit is uptime related issues. If you manage a site, it is important to keep identifying uptime issues. The site uptime refers to the time for the availability of the website and its service time. To build an efficient site uptime, the goal is to touch 99.999%. However, if your site is not appearing with good uptime, it is going to create a low impression in front of your visitors. So keep checking if your site uptime is performing properly or not.

If you wish to learn more about how it could affect the site uptime to Overall SEO you can get more insights from google itself.

Duplicate meta information of the site:

Another significant problem is the duplicate meta information present on the site. Check the meta description tab and the duplicate titles. To check the duplicate titles, click on the Page titles tab. You can easily have a look at the filtered information from the Excel export. Oftentimes the metadata that appears on your site is identically similar to the other links. This can be problematic for not being descriptive or for brevity. However, keep monitoring your site for any duplicate metadata that can demean your site’s performance.

Breadcrumb Navigation on site:

The breadcrumb navigation depends on the type of your site. If you are managing your site properly, then it becomes easier to identify the breadcrumb navigation. You can easily create a custom extraction for easy crawling to extract all the breadcrumb navigation present on the site. To check the breadcrumb navigation, go to the Configuration> Custom> Extraction to open the extraction menu. You can change or customize the setting to create a new setup for your extraction to easily identify all the breadcrumb navigation present on the site.

Interested in hashtags? Check this guide out: https://increditools.com/sistrix-alternatives/

Site usability:

To create your site more appealing to your users, you need to make your site way easier to access. An easy site appears better to the user, which they like to spend some more time on. To resolve the SEO audit-related issues, it is useful to avail of a user testing service to have an insight into how your users are behaving on your site. To check the site usability, pick a tool that gives you proper information about your users to identify if there is something wrong with your site or not. Also, tracking where your users are clicking the most gives you a better idea about your site performance.


Creating a natural link to your profile can give you better site performance. Bad links are harmful enough to ruin your site’s behavior. However, it is quite difficult to avoid bad links. You need to ensure that the major part of your site is not the link profile. Moreover, a bad link can give your competitor the opportunity to attack the value of your site algorithmically. Opt for an ongoing link inspection to identify the potential links that can hamper your site performance.

Conclusion: Consistent monitoring of your site performance is important to save your site from any kind of poor performance and SEO audit-related issues. An efficient SEO audit tool should ring together your on-site and off-site checks to identify the issues and provide solutions

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