How to improve SEO and customer outcomes

We live in a digital era and hence have to carry our businesses forward accordingly. It is therefore important for businesses to get used to the world of feedback. 

It is evident that customers prefer businesses that have reviews available as it allows them to make an easy decision. 

However, this is not all, consumers also look at how the business is listed on Google My Business. Also, it affects a business’s ranking on google. People now leave GMB reviews which enables Google to rank the business. 

When the world was hit by Covid-19 in 2020, Google tried to help businesses who were unable to update their timings, locations, etc. due to the unavailability of proper tools. To help them, Google stopped giving the option of customer reviews. 

They did this because they understood that negative reviews could have a drastic effect on businesses. 

What is the role of reviews and ratings in customer experience?

Businesses need to understand that marketing and customer experience have a separate relationship. This is where reputation experience management comes in. According to this, reviews need to be thought about in three different ways. All of these three ways are connected in one way or another and affect the whole process significantly. 

Let’s take a look at these three things:

  • Being Found:

According to Google, businesses with good customer reviews will be able to acquire a vast number of customers. This is because when a business has good reviews, it gets ranked higher and can be seen on the first page of search engine results. Any business with negative reviews will not be seen in the top ten search results as they Remove negative results from Google

  • Being chosen:

Indeed, all customers look directly at the ratings and reviews of a business before choosing it. Most consumers scroll through businesses with a rating of fewer than 4 stars, this is because they do not find the business to be reliable. 

Other than Google, other platforms affect the reviews of businesses. These platforms include Facebook, Instagram, and Whatsapp; all owned by Facebook. Thus, in 2020 with Google, Facebook has become a place for amplified reviews. 

  • Improving the business:

Making improvements to the business is extremely vital. To do so, it is important to ask customers for honest reviews about how they can improve their business. However, this is something that is not done very often by businesses. 

The reason behind this is that the marketing team and the customer experience team do not communicate. The marketing team handles all the social media pages, etc. and they receive all the feedback, but they do not convey that feedback to the customer experience team. 

What happens when the marketing team and customer experience team work together?

It is essential for businesses to use both customer reviews and unstructured feedback. This would help a business gain various things such as the things mentioned below: 

  • This enhances your chances of getting positive reviews, hence increasing your chances of getting chosen.
  • The positive reviews can also help you increase your ranking on google as google encourages businesses with positive reviews. As it sees that customers appreciate a business, Google ensures that other people looking for a similar business find out about it. 

To reach this level, there are certain things that have to be done:

  • The marketing team and customer experience teams should work together to use all the reviews for making improvements.
  • Build a good SEO plan. SEO helps businesses reach a high ranking on Google.
  • Make use of better tools that are available to track all the reviews that are received. By tracking them, the feedback can be used to make improvements to a business.

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