10 Online Tools to Help Me Write My Essay

Many students struggle to relay their thoughts in writing, especially when it comes to complicated essay topics.

This article analyzes tools that will enable you to generate beautiful essays. Continue reading to discover tools to help you carry out your research, map your mind, organize your ideas, proofread, and check for plagiarism.


DoMyEssay is a college paper writing platform where students can get help with their assignments. They can order writing, editing, or proofreading services to complete or polish their essays and other papers.

When you delegate your assignments to DoMyEssay, you can be sure only the best writers will work on them. If you look long enough, you can even pick an essay writer online from Harvard to work on your essay. 


Bit.ai is a modern research tool that you can use to share, collaborate, research, and write my essays online. You can also use the platform to exchange academic resources such as Word documents, videos, and audio in a few clicks.

Bit.ai provides an editor that supports Markdown—a tool that has a wide database of resources to search from, and you can search for photos, URLs, and so on. 


Coggle is an online mind-mapping and collaborative writing tool that enables you to visualize and expand on your ideas. You can use this program to write your essay online and plan your workflow. 

Coggle also works with every device, making it perfect for collaborative writing. You can work on projects in real-time with classmates or friends. 


Simplenote is a note-taking tool that is straightforward and minimalistic. Since the best essays begin as random thoughts and ideas, one of the simplest ways to make sure you’ve written all your thoughts down is to use Simplenote.

Simplenote is a well-known note-taking software for authors who never need to add pictures or lists to their notes. It offers a modern, clean design across all platforms.

Simplenote lets you write your essay cheaply because it is free and compatible with all operating systems, including Linux.


Jasper.ai is a smart writing program that generates text for dissertations, term papers, and undergraduate essays. Thanks to AI and natural language processing, Jasper is attentive to tone and keywords.

The ability of Jasper.ai to polish your writing has earned it a 5-star rating from over 1000 reviewers. This AI checks spelling, punctuation, and readability.

However, Jasper.ai does not offer essay writing services to write my essay for cheap. Nevertheless, this tool delivers your money’s worth. And if you do need professional writing services, take advantage of this DoMyEssay promo code.

Google Docs

Google Docs is a Google Workspace tool that you can use to arrange and write your essay faster. With Google Docs, you can insert, edit, create, and even undo commands. You can also add others to edit and comment on the document in real-time.

Google Docs lets you stay organized with its label and folder features to help you categorize your work. You can easily locate your files in your Google Drive or your preferred storage system. Then, you can go for using an AI essay typer or essay writer software & tool that is purely created around Artificial Intelligence (AI) to understand sentiments and linguistics, thereby producing essays.


FocusWriter is an online tool that allows you to write my essay within its simplistic interface, void of distraction. FocusWriter is perfect for meeting a stiff deadline because it has an alarm and a timer to set writing goals and keep track of time.

Since FocusWriter has a minimalistic interface, it allows easy navigation and access to its numerous features. Although this tool is not free, it makes up for its advanced features, including its compatibility with Linux.


Evernote is an amazing software that lets you capture screenshots, store notes, and organize your ideas until you are ready to compose your essay. Evernote can virtually write my essay for me by organizing research materials within its neat interface.

Evernote will boost your productivity because it connects with your Google Calendar. So you‘ll never miss a deadline. The app’s core features are free.

Zoho Writer

Zoho Writer is an outstanding online grammar-checking tool that enhances your writing flow, spelling, and style using the Flesch-Kincaid index.

Zoho Writer offers a smart writing assistant that allows you to create your essay while keeping watch on adverbs, clichés, and passive tones. It also checks for grammatical errors and provides contextual changes with the help of cutting-edge machine-learning technology.


Unicheck is an online tool for detecting plagiarized content, which is an important part of writing unique essays. It runs a deep search to determine your paper’s uniqueness level. 

Unicheck has a straightforward interface that works in 20 languages, including English, Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, Ukrainian, Norwegian (Nynorsk, Bokmal), Turkish, Greek, Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, Italian, Slovak, Serbian, and Romanian. 

After you write my essays, you must upload the desired file to their website and run the plagiarism check. 


These tools have made composing and proofreading essays easier. You can use these tools for academic, personal, and professional writing tasks. You can count on them to redact spelling errors, polish your delivery style, offer reliable references, and search for plagiarism. This post will be beneficial if you are looking for tools to enable you to write my essays perfectly.