Growth story of micro coils in the medical domain in 2023


Micro coil medical devices are quite an integral part of critical illness treatment. Considering the miniaturised nature of the device, it becomes quite important in cancer treatment. The cancer treatment has multiple stages and cryosurgery is one such stage. During the cryosurgery, micro coil devices play an important role in drug delivery. Targeted drug delivery becomes quite a challenge in remote sites within the body. This is where the micro coils come into play. Proper micro coil winding determines the efficiency of the cryosurgery.

Importance of ortho cyclical micro coil winding

Micro coils are available in multiple shapes. The winding of the micro coil mostly depends on the utility of it. When it comes to the medical devices, the sizes of the windings become crucial. It is the reason why ortho cyclical winding is preferred, as it reduces the size of the winding and improves energy dissipation. 

Ortho cyclical winding involves revolving one wire over another like vertical layers of wire. In this way, one layer of wire is stacked on top of the other layer, thus considerably reducing the winding size.  

The difference in size of the micro coil winding is because micro coils have different applications in industrial and medical field. 

Different applications of micro coils in medical field

As discussed above, the micro coils have a very integral application in the cancer treatment. But there are certain other fields as well where they can be highly critical:

  1. The microwave devices are very important when it comes to tracking brain functions & vital signs. They are inserted into the brain through the wisdom tooth. Thus, the miniaturized size of micro coil devices is profoundly important.
  2. Micro Coil devices play a crucial role in the stent placement within the body. At places where it is difficult to reach for the traditional devices, medical devices ensured that the stent is placed efficiently. 

  3. Therapeutic diagnostic is another field. Wearing micro coil devices are quite important.

  4. Medical devices also have a crucial role in heart rate monitoring systems. Based on the heart rate, the various metabolic functions are also monitored, which helps to keep a track for crucial diseases. 

  5. Precision mapping for the exact location of body tissues is done through micro coil devices. Once inserted within the body and exposed to electromagnetic fields, they can spot the location of the tissue. 

Growing impact of micro coils in modern industry

The growing impact of micro coils within the industry can fairly be understood by the rising demand of the micro coil devices. With a yearly growth rate of 5%, micro coil devices are truly re-shaping the medical device industry. One of the crucial points to be noted is,micro coils find application in medical devices. Thus, sterilization becomes quite integral. Sterilization ensures that the device is free from contamination and is in the purest form. There is a wide difference between the micro coil devices made for the industrial application and for the medical purpose. Yet with that said the micro coils are slowly taking up the industrial space too, which promises of a great future for the winding industry. 

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