10 Amazing Facts about Esim that will Make You Forget about Buying a Prepaid sim card USA

10 Amazing Facts about Esim that will Make You Forget about Buying a Prepaid sim card USA

People advise buying a prepaid US sim card for everyone who goes to America for any period of time, – simply because it’s a good old tradition. But this is the reason for the practice that it is godlessly outdated and has already ceased to be productive and profitable. 

We would like to collect the maximum number of facts proving that it makes no sense to buy a prepaid sim card USA in 2023. 

For example, such a fact as if the prepaid sim can be removed from the slot of a smartphone or any device and replaced with another. 

The esim does not have a physical embodiment and is a built-in chip, which means that an attacker will not be able to physically extract it. But with this fact, you also need to understand that, unlike a prepaid sim card, the virtual sim does not belong to a cellular operator and is not rigidly tied forever. For instance esimplus.me switches between more than 240+ cellular operators all over the world! It is literally cosmopolitan. Moreover, you can use Esim plus to buy a virtual number to bypass online verifications.

Do you feel that the idea of buying a prepaid US sim card is already starting to melt and become less tempting? Wait, this is just the beginning. In this article, we will collect 10 of the most extraordinary and convincing facts about the sim card that we learned from real and experienced users of this technology.

Facts about esim: Advantages of esim over a prepaid US sim Card

Fact 1: losing a smartphone with esim is not scary anymore 

If you left it somewhere in a public place, or your phone was stolen – it’s not a problem for you. 

We recommend saving the number somewhere in a separate place, linked to the esim, so that you can then restore the virtual sim in the new phone. The main thing is that the phone itself is protected by a password, a graphic key, and access by fingerprint or face recognition. An esim can always be downloaded to another device. This is the one of the most valuable travel tips we know&

Fact 2: Prepaid sim takes up space in a smartphone, and esim – takes up no

An esim requires much less space than slots for conventional sim cards. This allows you to embed devices in the esim that do not have enough space for ordinary sim cards – for example, in a smartwatch.

By the way: On September 16, 2022, Apple announced the launch of sales of the new iPhone at 14, in which there is no slot for a simple sim card, but there is only an esim. 

Fact 3: An esim can be international 

Of course, when you come to the USA and buy a prepaid sim card, you do not think about whether it is international, but if you decide to go to Canada or Mexico, then esim is again the best option

It is not necessary to buy a “sim card” from a local operator when arriving in another country. 

By the way:  Those who decide to go to China with esim are out of luck — it is impossible to use the technology there. But the Celestial Empire is testing its own ecosystem of esim – of course, completely isolated. 

Fact 4: You can use two sim cards on one smartphone 

Virtual esim, unlike prepaid esim, is a great opportunity to use two sim cards in an iPhone. One of them can be virtual, this is the so-called esim. This is especially true if you need a second phone number

For example, one sim card gives you the Internet (the one whose provider the tariff is cheaper), and the other you mainly use for calls. 

By the way: There is a nuance that you need to know about! When you activate the virtual sim card, SMS messages may not come to the device for a day! No SMS from banks, or from anywhere. This is due to the fight against fraud. 

Therefore, if you plan to shop online, keep in mind that you will not receive an SMS with a confirmation code on the first day.

Fact 5: One esim will gather a whole ecosystem around itself: tablets, smartphones, smartwatches, smart cars, and other smart gadgets. Everything will be connected to one number, which is not possible with a prepaid sim and is very convenient when traveling in the USA.

Fact 6: The speed of the esim is like that of a regular prepaid sim card 

The network itself catches exactly the same as if your iPhone XS Max had a regular prepaid USA sim card. The signal is good and confident. Over the entire time of use, connection breaks occur occasionally — just like in conventional sim cards.

It happens that the smartphone itself turns off the esim, which is why the connection may abruptly disappear right during the conversation. But this is rather a claim to the smartphone itself. In general, there is complete order with the connection.

Fact 7: There is a high Internet speed in esim

The Internet speed in viral sim cards is quite high. At peak times, it reached 70 MBT/sec. This is enough for comfortable surfing.

Fact 8: esim is easy to use 

In the upper line of the smartphone connected to the virtual sim card, the signal strength of two operators is displayed at once. That is, you can understand right on the go who is catching better at the moment and instantly switch. It really saves in some situations.

In addition, in the Control Center and Notification Center, it is written which sim card is currently active.

By the way:  Despite the general expectation of esim, there are not so many devices with support for this technology. And it is most logical to divide each of the categories into two subgroups: “Apple” and “Not Apple”.

Check your device for compatibility with esim.

The final word about virtual sim cards versus prepaid sim cards in the USA

Unlike conventional prepaid sim cards, which are sold in the USA everywhere and at every turn by third-party resellers in places such as grocery stores, stores, etc. An esim, at least for now, is not sold in this way — you can buy it before your trim right on your home couch.

What do you think?

Written by Joshua White

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