YouTube Shorts: A Brief Introductory Guide

YouTube rolled out Shorts in the U.S. on March 18, 2021, and soon it will celebrate its first anniversary. There are so many questions people have about YouTube Shorts. In this blog, we will discuss them briefly and help viewers find answers. We have always seen inquiries related to how to increase views on YouTube or increase the fan base on the channel; this is the first time people have questions related to YouTube Shorts, such as what it is, how to use it, and what are its benefits.

This blog will serve as a guide to YouTube Shorts for readers.

What Are YouTube Shorts?

It is a new way to watch and create videos on YouTube. YouTube Shorts is a short-form video experience for those who love to create short, catchy videos using their mobile phones.  These videos are a great way to express yourself in 15 seconds or less.  These videos can last up to 60 seconds long. There are certain shorts creation tools available to create creative short videos using YouTube App and Smartphone.

Creators get multiple video creation options such as:

·         A Multi-segment camera to join multiple video clips together.

·         Record music from an extensive library of songs.

·         Speed control options give you the flexibility to show your creativity.

·         Timer and countdown to recording easily and hands-free.

These easily discoverable short videos are present on the YouTube homepage and other parts of the YouTube app.  You may find them:

·         On the YouTube Homepage.

·         In The Notifications.

·         By Checking Their Subscriptions.

·         Featured On Channel Page.

Can YouTube Shorts Be Monetized?

YouTube Shorts can be monetized, but content creators need to qualify for the shorts fund. To be eligible for the bonus:

1.       Channels need to upload at least one Short in the last 180 days.

2.       Channels must abide by YouTube Community Guidelines, copyright rules, and monetization policies.

3.       Channels uploading non-original videos, third-party videos with logos or watermark, or videos that have been reuploaded from other creators’ channels will not be eligible for bonus.

4.       Creators must be located in one of the following countries as shorts have been introduced only in a few countries, such as Brazil, India, Indonesia, Japan, Mexico, Nigeria, Russia, South Africa, the United Kingdom, or the United States. YouTube has plans to expand eligibility to more regions.

5.       Creators should be 13 years or older in the United States or the age of majority in their specific country.

6.       13-18 years old creators must have a parent or guardian accept terms and set up an AdSense account for payment.

 You must take professional help to monetize your YouTube Shorts. If you have questions regarding how to get ads on YouTube, YouTube professionals or YouTube Advertising Company can guide you on the same. If you have any YouTube Shorts-related queries, they can advise you on how to make them, monetize them, and related rules.  Make sure you take complete advantage of YouTube Shorts and promote your channel on one of the popular video platforms.