You’ll Never Travel the Same Way After Reading These Tips

Savvy travelers trot around the globe confidently, while those who find travel daunting may hesitate to book trips and stumble around town when they do. Probably everybody could learn something from experienced commuters, especially after months of hiatus during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Read these tips to make your next trip more manageable and more affordable.Check out for more travel tips.

Drive Yourself to the Airport

You can drive yourself to the airport and easily find parking at Calgary Airport for less than ever, and at more than 75 airports in North America, with a new model that is already replacing the airport taxi. Take advantage of parking spaces located beside the airport by booking a spot online before your flight, then show the attendant your reservation when you arrive.

Next, simply board the free shuttle to your terminal. This model lets you enjoy the familiarity of your own vehicle and spares you from waiting anxiously for a driver to arrive in theirs. 

Dress in Clothes Combining Form and Function

What if you could wear clothes comfortable enough for a long plane ride but sharp enough to wear out on the town or in a business meeting? Today’s commuter clothes wick sweat away, so they smell fresh hours after you put them on. They also retain their form despite being stretchy and comfortable, so they won’t be creased or wrinkled when you deboard the plane.

Plus, they’re fashionable enough to impress, so changing clothes upon arrival isn’t necessary. Finally, some commuter pants boast secret pockets to stow valuables securely, designed specifically for things like passports. 

Leverage Dynamic Pricing to Your Advantage

Airlines and hotels use an algorithm to set their rates, known as “dynamic pricing.” If you’re careful and savvy, you can get a lower rate than you might otherwise get. 

Google Flight Tracker sends you a notification when there’s a price change for a flight, so if you begin the hunt early, you’ll get time to take advantage. Use a similar approach for booking a hotel room, even if you need to check on the prices manually.

You may not be able to take this approach if you’re booking last minute. With that in mind, try to give yourself more time, if possible.

Pack Compact Gear

Travelling is easier when you pack light, so it helps to buy clothes and accessories that pack small. Travel towels are extremely useful because they take up way less room than a normal towel, and they dry much faster, so your luggage won’t be soggy.

When your gear packs up small, it’s easier to fit it all in your carry-on luggage, which means you can sidestep any fees and hassles associated with checking in your bags.

Travelling can be stressful at times, but less so if you know what you’re doing. If you keep the above tips in mind, it should help you feel good while you’re on the move and keep your costs down.