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How to Watch WWE in Order

If you’ve ever wondered about the WWE watch order, you’ve found the perfect guide. The World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) legacy spans decades. Understanding the best way to experience its rich history can be a bit daunting for new fans. Why is the watch order important for WWE? Because of the extensive library of events, storylines that develop over time, and characters that evolve or change. 

The best watch order really does depend on the type of experience you’re seeking, but for simplicity, follow the chronological order that aligns with the release order. Stay tuned, as this article will guide you through the best watch order for WWE.

How to watch WWE in chronological order?

WWE Chronological Order inforgraphic

To truly capture the evolution of WWE, watching the events in chronological order is essential. This allows you to follow the storylines as they unfold and experience the crescendos of the wrestling narrative in real time.

WWE Chronological Order

  • WWE Raw [Every Monday | TV | 3 hours per episode]
  • WWE SmackDown [Every Friday | TV | 2 hours per episode]
  • NXT [Weekly | TV | 2 hours per episode]
  • WWE Main Event [Weekly | TV | 1 hour per episode]
  • WWE NXT UK [Weekly | TV | 1 hour per episode]
  • Premium Live Events (Monthly Special Events) [Varied Dates | TV | 3+ hours per event]
  • WWE Tribute to the Troops [Annual | TV | 1 hour per event]

This order includes weekly televised shows, special events, and annual celebrations that have become trademarks of WWE programming.

For those just dipping their toes into WWE waters, the recommended watch order is as follows: Start with WWE Raw and WWE SmackDown, as these are the flagship shows. Then move on to the monthly Premium Live Events and assess your interest levels. Remember, the release order vs chronological order debate is not as intense with WWE because they are essentially the same, providing a linear progression of storylines.

First-time viewers and returnees alike are best positioned by following this sequence, which marries chronological events with milestone occurrences in WWE history, like WrestleMania, SummerSlam, and Survivor Series.

Overview of the Plot, Storyline, and Key Elements of WWE

WWE isn’t just about in-ring action; it’s an ongoing drama with heroes, villains, and complex storylines. What sets WWE apart is its blend of athleticism with soap opera-like narratives that captivate viewers. The world of WWE spans from betrayal and alliances to championship glory, all set within a high-energy sports entertainment environment. As you progress through the different shows, you’ll witness character development, strategic rivalries, and get a sense of the fast-paced excitement that WWE is known for.

How much time will it take to complete WWE?

Calculating the time investment for WWE can be complex due to its ongoing nature. With multiple weekly shows and monthly events, WWE is a continuous saga without an endpoint. Potential fans should consider WWE as an ever-expanding universe rather than a series that concludes.


In summary, the WWE watch order should ideally follow the chronological release of shows and events. This tried-and-tested path ensures a comprehensive understanding and enjoyment of WWE’s enthralling universe. Dive into the world of WWE—understand the legacy, immerse yourself in the drama, and relish the athletic spectacle.

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Written by Harper Davis

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