world's largest mouth gape

Isaac Johnson, a teenager from Minnesota, USA, has the world’s biggest mouth. Isaac can extend his mouth upto 10.196 cm (4.014 inches). In April 2019, he set his first record in Guinness World Records. His mouth gape was first measured at 9.34 cm (3.67 inches)

He reclaimed the title for the second time with his mouth stretched upto 10.175 cm (4 inches). Isaac broke his record again in 2022 by extending his mouth by 0.021 cm (0.008 inches) more than his previous record. 

Johnson’s first record was short-lived as Phillip Angus from Pennsylvania stole the spotlight. However, Isaac’s determination stood stronger to regain his spot in the Guinness World Records. As bizarre as his title might sound, this teenager continues to stun everyone with his talent. Isaac can fit a whole apple, full orange, can of Pringles, can of Coke, and four McDonald’s Cheeseburgers

Isaac’s mighty mouth gape has shocked people across the world. He defeated his second record, “Lo Show Dei Record“, in MilanItaly. Isaac was excited to set the record under his name again. “It feels pretty crazy to me because I never thought I’d have one record in the first place, yet I’ve broken the same record three times now, so it’s pretty funny and insane,” said Johnson. 


Largest mouth gape (male): 10.196 cm (4.014 in) – Isaac Johnson 🇺🇸

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Isaac appeared on the Jimmy Kimmel Live show and surprised the audience in a game of “Will it fit,” where he stuffed a bunch of random things into his mouth. His inspiration to try the widest mouth gape record came from watching Berndt Schmidt’s record in 2015. 

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