Wondershare Filmii Review: An Excellent AI-Powered Video Editor.

Video editing is not new to most of us even the ones who haven’t experienced it before. Of course, we all love to see our videos in their best shoot. Who doesn’t love high-quality video content? We all do.

For many years, video editors have used some ineffective and unreliable software that is sometimes frustrating. Although many developers are spending sleepless nights to come up with the right video editing tool, it’s only Wondershare’s Filmii that has proved to be worthy.

Filmii video editing tool was founded in 2003 by Wondershare which is the leading global digital software development company. Wondershare aims to bring valid solutions to the many people who use their apps and software in more than 150 countries in the world. Wondershare Filmii video editor came to help its users pursue their passions in the video or music industry.

With close to twenty years of usage, the amazing video editor has continued to top the list of the best video editors for many years.

AI-Powered Video Editor Speeds Up Video Editing Procedure.

Filmii video editor came and made video editing easier and convenient. This is made possible by the many useful features that are on this tool. It has stunning video templates to ease your work when working on your favorite video projects. Below are some features that make the video editing procedure easier:

1.      Easy-to-use & intuitive interface.

In the current era, no one is ready to strain to work on any machine, gadget, app, or software. Good software comes with a simple user interface than most video editors in the market today. You don’t require any special skills to operate. Anyone who has basic video editing skills can comfortably use this software. Almost all its users will tell you that it’s easier than they thought.

2.      Video Trimming and Highlighting Feature.

Filmii is an AI-powered video editor that helps users safely trim unnecessary parts of a given video file. Again, it allows you to highlight important sections of your videos. If you record some videos, you might realize that some sections are unnecessary. This depends on your target audience although all videos need to be professional.

Such sections will distract the viewers and the video may not suit its intended purpose. For example, if you want to use a video to advertise your product, an unnecessary video section makes the viewers assume you are a “business joker.” Therefore, all videos despite their use should be clear, precise, and accurate.

3.      Generate Videos Automatically in a Minute.

It was known that video editing is a slow and tedious process until Wondershare developed Filmii. The bad thing is that we sometimes don’t have adequate time to polish up long videos to use on our YouTube channels or social media accounts.

The Filmii automatic video maker saves you the time you could spend making videos for your business page on Facebook or Instagram.

Many templates on the Wondershare Filmii video editor are used to create your videos when you use the Auto-Create feature. It takes you about a minute to create a flawless automatic video. You can make a video from existing video clips or some favorite images.

To auto-create, a video, preview the available templates and select the one that suits your content. After this, you can import at least three images or video clips that you should drag and drop in your preferred order then click the Auto Create button.

4.      Advanced Editing Tools Provided.

This is a unique feature that isn’t present in most traditional video editors. It allows you to make changes to videos before exporting them. Users can choose to directly edit their videos using this feature or use it to edit videos that have been auto-generated using various templates.

With the advanced editing tool, you can cut do color correction, cut video clips, and add voiceover. This feature gives you more control over your videos if you don’t want to use the free templates provided.

Abundant Video Templates for Various Social Media.

Nowadays, the demand for edited videos is increasing every second because almost everyone is on social media and they want to post stunning videos. Filmii offers its users many beautiful templates with varying themes to suit their needs. It has a video template library with both vertical and horizontal options for users to choose their best.

If you want to share a video taken during your birthday or graduation ceremony, you have all the options to pick the template that pleases you. Whether you want a video to share with friends on a personal Facebook account or your business page, there are options to fit these situations.

Pros and Cons of Filmii.

Were it not for its greatness, people couldn’t be using this tool in masses if it’s of no benefit to video editing. Though cons cannot miss, the benefits are too many to succumb to an ignorable aspect. Below are some pros and cons of the Wondershare Filmii video editing program:


Intuitive and easy to use.

A reliable presets library including filters and video effects.

Modern audio editing tools and effects.


Doesn’t have a version for Mac users.


At this point, we hope that you won’t struggle further in editing videos to post or share with friends. Whether you are an experienced video editor or are new in the industry you can conveniently use Filmii. It doesn’t have any complex processes that can challenge users. It’s the best video editing tool for beginners.

YouTubers who want to upload high-quality content should consider using the Filmii video editor from Wondershare and make a difference. Whether you want to use the videos in marketing your brand or share your fun moments with friends, it is the perfect video editor anyone can use.

Don’t sit to see your business competitors prospering every other day and leaving you stagnating at the same point. Probably, their online marketing strategies are effective and this starts with the quality of videos you share with potential buyers. Try it today and you will never regret it.