Why You Should Wait Until Winter to Get Your Tattoo


Summer is an extremely busy season for tattoo artists. During the warmer months, significantly more people decide to have tattoos than during the winter. As soon as the sun appears, tattoo studios around the nation experience an uptick in foot traffic.

The reason for the decline in business over the winter is that Individuals want to be bundled up and comfortable when it’s freezing outside; they do not intend to expose themselves for a tattoo.

Despite this, winter is the perfect season to get a tattoo. There are numerous benefits to having a tattoo during this chilly and miserable season. Here are the reasons why winter is the best time of year to get tattooed.

Tattoos Are Easier to Conceal in The Winter

While the result of your new tattoo will be stunning, the first few weeks of healing will likely involve scabbing and peeling or covering the tattoo with plastic wrap. During winter, you do not have to worry about hiding the unpleasantness of the healing process because you will already be wearing long sleeves, long pants, and a jacket.

Ink Heals in A More Convenient and Comfortable Manner

The upcoming cooler weather will significantly facilitate your tattoo healing time. It is nearly impossible to get comfortable on a warm summer night when you have a brand-new tattoo wrapped in a bandage. You sweat, and the ink transfers to your sheets (which will not come out in the wash). Heat rash is a common problem, and it can make your new tattoo even more irritating.

Your Summertime Fun is Safe from Interruption

For at least ten to fourteen days, you should avoid swimming or any other water activity that could contaminate your healing tattoo. That is right; you will not be able to go surfing, scuba diving, free diving, jet skiing, or synchronised swimming. That rules out a lot of potential summertime fun involving water. So do not miss anything, and get your winter tattoo now!

Infections Tend to Be Less Common in The Winter

According to city tattoo artists, getting a tattoo during the winter is ideal because the ink does not fade as quickly, and there is less risk of infection. A second explanation is that skin is less vulnerable to the damaging effects of the sun, dust, and sweat when it is cold outside. In the same way that a cut heals over time, a new tattoo will fade and eventually disappear.

It might get contaminated if it is not shielded. Being gentle with the tattoo is essential, especially for the first two weeks. It must be kept clean and dry, out of the sun, and out of the shower or bath until it heals.

Less Waiting Time

Time spent waiting is a further consideration. Since most studios experience a decrease in activity during the winter months, you will not be stuck in a long line with everyone else waiting for their artwork to be completed. During the peak season, expect to wait anywhere from two to four hours while artists attend to other clients. Winter is an excellent time to meet with artists because they are less busy and can offer you their full attention.


Nothing is worse than showing up to work in a short-sleeved shirt with an uncomfortable and sore healing tattoo on your forearm, leg, or back. Cover it over the winter while it heals; by summer, it will be fresh and ready to be seen in your more revealing summer attire! So how about getting that tattoo over the winter?

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Written by Joshua White


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