why Preschool matters

Since President Obama proposed that every 4 year old have access to high-quality preschool education in the United States, childhood educators have debated on the importance of early childhood education, and the policies that should guide it.

Selecting the right pre-k program is crucial, and parents looking for a strong educational foundation should consider the benefits of enrolling their child in a reputable kindergarten in Hillsboro.

What do kids learn in preschool?

  • Social and emotional development

Preschoolers will develop their social and emotional skills in preschool. Interacting with other kids and their teachers will teach children how to be respectful to other people, solve problems, and also make compromises. Preschool creates a safe and healthy environment for children to gain self confidence, explore the world, and play with their age mates. Every time your child completes a new task in preschool, they feel the thrill and fulfillment that comes with success, and they also realize that they can make decisions without their parent’ help.

  • Academics

The academics part of enrolling in pre-school cannot be overemphasized. Here, children are introduced to reading, math, and writing. Everything is taught in a way that your child will find appealing and fun. For example, the letters of the alphabet are taught in a song, and they learn other things through rhymes poems, and chants.

Comprehension skills are groomed through reading and, and children play all sorts of educational preschool games to help them understand numbers and pre-math.

  • Prepares them for school

In preschool, young kids are prepped on how to be students. To children, preschool seems like just a time for games and play with their peers, they are actually learning behavior management like patience, taking turns, and raising their hands to be called upon. 

Kids are also learning to live by routine and a timetable. There is time for reading, time for recess, time to nap, and the closing time when they get to return home! If you have a particularly clingy child, preschool also helps your child get more used to separation. Also, pay attention to an educational portal for kids to inspire yourself with new ideas for learning activities.

  • Language skills

When children are exposed to an environment rich in communication and language, their communication skill also thrives. In preschool, teachers are expected to introduce new words to their students. During art lessons, reading time, and other activities, kids will pick up new words and strengthen their vocabulary.

Also, teachers will ask questions during reading time and other learning activities that will spur children to think. Creative play and other forms of art will also allow preschoolers explore their artistic side.

  • Self-confidence

Before pre-school your young kids have probably relied on you to do most things for them. When your children start pre-school, they will learn to do things for themselves and actually enjoy this little bit of independence. Little skills learned such as carrying their own backpacks, washing their hands, and learning to tie their shoe laces will boost your child’s confidence.

Quality early education for children is essential to give them an upper hand in their future academic pursuits. When your child begin kindergarten, their teachers will find it easier to teach students who posses basic cognitive and behavioral skills.

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