The global success of Stranger Things has brought on multiple revivals of beloved 80s phenomena. Kate Bush, frizzy hair, and Dungeons and Dragons are all back with a vengeance, serving major nostalgia for geeks around the world. 

If you are among the few diehard players keeping the game alive all these years, you might also be at an age where it is time to pass on the magic to your children. Not only is this a fun time to bond but a game of DnD has immeasurable value for young minds. Here are a few reasons you should consider playing DnD with your kids, helping to raise a new generation of questers. 

Develop Problem Solving

Problem-solving skills are a critical part of cognitive development and few games help kids foster these skills quite like DnD. In a game of DnD, you are faced with problem upon problem and there is always more than one way to skin a dragon. 

Kids learn to assess a situation and think of multiple outcomes, always being a few steps ahead. This is an intangible skill that translates to real life and will help kids with everything from STEM challenges to social navigation. The puzzles that players are faced with are abstract and linear thinking will only get you so far. 

Facilitates Co-Operation and Improves Social Skills 

The cooperative nature of DnD quests is something few games allow kids to indulge in. During these quests, children will learn the value of teamwork and resolving conflicts in a constructive way.

Players need to communicate effectively and everyone gets a chance to contribute to the quest. Children gain confidence as their social skills improve which translates into their everyday lives. Characters all have varying levels of strengths and weaknesses and need to learn how to support one another and feed off each other’s strong suits. 

Every good Dungeon Master knows punctuality and time management are important for a campaign to succeed. Kids will quickly understand the importance of committing to a long-term obligation and staying focused on the task at hand while the game is in session.

Unlocks Creativity 

It’s hard to ignore the obvious benefit of a game of Dungeons & Dragons: imagination. Whether you decide to conjure up a quest from scratch or dive into an existing quest, there is no limit to how far you can stretch the imagination.

With character archetypes like the Warlock 5e and Barbarian 5e children can build wild and unique characters that will go on a myriad of otherworldly adventures.  

Improves Measured Academic Skills

When players start building their DnD adventure, they can write lengthy backstories for their characters. When you let kids do this for themselves, they are able to practice their writing skills in a fun and imaginative way. 

Mathematics plays a crucial role along the way too. Players get introduced to probabilities and need to calculate experience, hit points, and damage to keep the game moving forward.

Minimized Screen Time

In a world where kids move from one screen to the other, tearing them away from the blue light seems near impossible.  DnD sessions aren’t a quick activity and gathering your kids to play will occupy them for at least a couple of hours.

During this time, you can put away phones and tablets and bid the TV and computer farewell. This is one of the few times that kids have the opportunity to be fully engaged in a creative activity that does not require digital input. 

Foster a love for DnD with your children and create an environment where you can play together as a family, strengthening bonds, and unleashing your creativity. Not only will you be building lasting memories but you will be improving many aspects of your child’s development.

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