Why even is there a need for a resume? Every resume submitted to recruiters aims to describe the submitter as the most efficient candidate for a job position he has applied for. Therefore, the ‘About Me’ section plays an integral part in the resume for valid reasons. Including this section helps the recruiters get a deeper insight into the candidates, which, in turn, becomes a beneficial point to be invited for an interview. A properly written resume has become a crucial factor for achieving dream job positions. Hence, the tendency of acquiring professional writing services from firms like ResumeCats has also grown noticeably.  

The ‘About Me Section’ and Why It’s Necessary

Recruiters or hiring managers generally go through several resumes before calling appropriate candidates for the interviews. Hence, you shouldn’t expect them to read every resume line by line. Being amidst such a hurry, proficient candidates with the right skills and knowledge can often get overlooked, which is disadvantageous for both the recruiters and candidates. But, the ‘About Me’ section comes in as an apt solution. It acts as a summary of your entire resume, letting the recruiters look at all the necessary information about you. 

Therefore, if you can write this particular section precisely, you will have a chance to be significant steps ahead of other candidates competing for the position. Indeed, writing it, following some methods, patterns, and format can make your ‘About Me’ section far more appealing than any common approach. Hence, if you need a better idea of them, go through how to write about me in a resume

How an ‘About Me’ Section Needs to Look?

The ‘About Me’ in your resume should necessarily be a concise section mentioning your professional identity, enlightening it with the lights of your accomplishments in the professional field and the strengths you possess. Moreover, all this information should be mentioned so that, in short, it can explain why you are the most eligible candidate for that job position. The elements that make an ‘About Me’ section creditable in recruiters’ considerations are: 

  • Your Professional Identity: This section should provide an insight into your current professional status. It should mention the recent job post you are in so that the interviewer can easily and quickly comprehend the level of professional experience you have. 
  • Your Professional Aim: This is also the section to discuss your long-term and short-term professional goals. However, your aims should incline to the reason you have submitted the resume.
  • Your Professional Value: Why are you worthy of the job role you have submitted the resume for? A well-written section of about me in a resume needs to answer this question here, highlighting your relevant skills, expertise, knowledge, and prior achievements. In addition, it would be best to write about some of your professional accomplishments that can advocate the strengths mentioned earlier. 

In a Nutshell

The ‘About Me’ section is concise, detailed, and relates your knowledge and skills to the job you have applied for, which puts luminosity on your efficiency as a candidate. In addition, all these get done quickly without any redundancy. So, now, you might have understood the necessity of this section to be in your resume.

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