Why Telegram Is The Best Messenger For Running A Membership Business

Businesses must constantly change in order to keep their consumers interested and compete in a crowded market. Customer service is critical in this situation, and messengers are a type of social media alternative that can improve the user experience. In this essay, we’ll look at Telegram as a platform that may be quite beneficial to your company. There are several reasons why Telegram is the ideal option to grow your Business. Let’s talk about Telegram’s primary advantages.

It is completely free

It’s absolutely free and has no restrictions, regardless of how many messages you send or receive each day or for what reason you use it (commercial, personal). You may send photographs, videos, text, and voice communications for free. You can also utilize all of these to advertise your mobile app development firm and construct a marketing strategy.


If you interact with a distinct set of consumers on a regular basis, which is nearly always the case, segmentation will save you time on mailings. Simply arrange your possibilities by interest, area, or age, and Telegram will do the rest.


You may run promotional campaigns with Telegram’s support. For example, urge your customers to take photographs inside your cafe/shop or with your product, post them on social media, and announce that they should email you images in exchange for a prize. Make sure, though, that your target audience utilizes Telegram before proceeding.

Support is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

It is an established truth that the majority of clients prefer texting over phoning. It not only saves time, but it also allows consumers to view prior messages, eliminating the need to contact back if anything they inquired about earlier has passed their minds.


There’s no need to spend money on expensive banner ads or even more expensive TV commercials when you can just send one message to your audience with the information you want them to see, whether it’s a discount or the opening of a new business.

Instantaneous feedback

Your clients may contact you in the same manner that you can contact them: by messaging. So, if you need to get feedback, ask your clients or run a survey. Indeed, SMS are ideal for this purpose because emails are frequently disregarded, and phone calls may upset individuals.


Telegram’s crew is quite proud of the fact that no one has yet been able to hack it. In fact, the messenger’s creator encourages the community to hack Telegram and provides $300,000 to anyone who succeeds. Despite this, no one has ever been successful.


Telegram messenger now supports all major platforms. If you want to use some of Telegram’s exclusive features, you need a Telegram paid membership. Also, You can use a telegram membership business solution to grow your business. Because it has iOS, Android, and Windows Phone apps, as well as Mac, Linux, and Windows desktop versions. It also has an online version. So don’t be concerned that your clients won’t be able to use this platform.


Anyone may make their own sticker pack using Telegram. It’s a fantastic opportunity for businesses to advertise their brands by generating a set of branded stickers and informing customers about it.

Money transfers

This function is now only accessible in Brazil and Russia, but we expect it to expand to a number of additional countries in the near future. The fact is, with this function, you can send money as safely as if you were at a bank.

Why does Telegram stand out?

Other popular messengers are in the hundreds, if not thousands. What makes Telegram so Business-Friendly? Let’s take a look at what’s going on here.

Chat in private

That’s an end-to-end encrypted chat that allows for exceptionally secure communications. In other words, the server side isn’t used during such discussions, and the conversation history is saved in the device’s memory.

Messages that are harmful to one’s own health

A user can use this function to specify a time limit for a message, after which the message will be deleted. It can come in handy while dealing with sensitive documents or other private information.

Cloud storage is a method of storing data on the cloud

Telegram keeps track of all the media assets you’ve linked to conversations, as well as their history. So, if you buy a new phone or log in from another device, you may sync them if required.

This item is not for sale

Telegram’s staff maintains that it will never be sold. Given the recent sale of WhatsApp to Facebook, this appears to be a very timely comment. In this way, Telegram is the best option if you don’t want any huge organization to utilize your data.

The subscriber base is growing all the time

In early 2016, Telegram claimed to have over 100 million users from all over the globe, 350 thousand new subscribers, and over 15 billion messages sent every day. It is now ranked among the top five most popular messengers in the world.


Telegram isn’t only a method to contact and communicate with your target audience; it’s also a fantastic tool for automating and optimizing operations to reduce human labor. You may do this by creating your own chatbot that will be in charge of a certain procedure, such as order processing or customer consultation.