Why Leaving the Car Home Should be Your Top 2023 Resolution?


Making New Year’s resolutions is always a great idea. Some of these resolutions are not held by people making them, but some become a standard part of our lives. If you’re making resolutions this year, make sure one of them is leaving your car at home for most of your needs.

We most commonly use the car for going to work. There are multiple reasons why you should leave your car at home and use another way to get to work. If you’re thinking that getting to work by car is the simplest solution, you’re probably right, but you’re missing all the other benefits of doing this.

In this article, we share a few reasons why going to work without your car is a smart thing. With so many options available, you can choose and almost never lose the comfort you’re searching for. Keep reading to see your options and why leaving your car at home is smart.

Variety of options for getting to work

You have plenty of options for getting to work when you leave your car. You can walk, bike, ride a scooter, take the bus, or go by train. The first few options are if you’re working nearby, but if you’re too far away, you might need to take the bus or the train.

Many people will live just a few blocks away from work but will continuously drive there. There’s no need for something like this. You can always bike or ride a scooter if you’re 10-15 minutes away. The options are enormous today as technology is going forward. Just check and see how many options there are.

If you hate paddling, you have many electric bikes that will take you anywhere without putting any effort into it. The scooters are similar, with the small difference that you must stand on your feet the entire ride. Choose what you think fits you best, and go to work without the car.

Improves your physical and mental health

When you’re going to work by car, you waste at least an hour daily sitting and doing nothing. This is a time that you can use for something better. If you decide to ride a bike or walk to work, you raise your calorie deficit and maintain better physical health.

An hour of moderate walking burns around 300 calories, and if you decide to bike, you may burn around 500 calories simultaneously. All this depends on your weight and pace, and you may go up to 1000 if you take things seriously.

Whatever option you choose, be sure that this will significantly improve your physical and mental health by doing it daily. When you work out this way daily, you become slimmer, burn fat, and raise your cardiovascular system’s work. This all creates a better physique and makes you healthier.

How does this affect your mental health? It is scientifically proven that working out nurtures your mental health. When you activate your muscles and do cardio, more oxygen reaches all your organs through the blood. Your brain relies heavily on fresh oxygen; if you deliver constantly, it will work flawlessly.

Saves a ton of money

When you commute to work by bike or scooter, you save a ton of money on gas bills, train tickets, or bus tickets. Walking costs nothing at all. When you make the calculations at the end of the month, you realize how much you’ve been wasting and how easily you can divert this money into something more useful.

Many people pay as high as $1000 per month for gas. Tickets for public transport may not cost as much, but they are still something you don’t need to spend if you just buy the right bike or scooter.  

You take care of the environment

Finally, you take care of the environment if you ride a bike or walk. Have you seen how many cars are on the streets lately? Literally thousands. All these cars can be eliminated if everyone takes the train, goes by bike, or walks.

Of course, many people live too far from their workplaces, but not everyone is in the same position. If at least 50% of the people who live close enough to their workplaces decide to use a more naturally convenient transport, our cities will look much better, we’ll breathe clean air, and the noise pollution will be way lower.


Be part of the global movement and leave your car at home when going to work. Even if you feel like you can’t ride a bike or walk every day, you can still do this at least a couple of times per week. Make a New Year’s resolution and start living a more proactive life, which will be better for you and the environment.

What do you think?

Written by Joshua White


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