Why is Shopify the best ecommerce building platform?

Why is Shopify the best ecommerce building platform?

Since the old ways of having the brick and mortar store are being replaced by the new ecommerce site, it brought a revolutionary change in the way of the marketplace. By the help of digital marketing, it opened a broad vista for the merchants to look into the bigger picture and get a whole lot of opportunities more than what they would have gotten for having a physical store. With digital marketing the merchants could come out of the specific zone of selling their products to selling worldwide amongst an extensive mass to get a large revenue. Being online made the process fast, required less staff to manage and created a far reaching approach. But all these would happen only when the foundation is strong. And for a strong base and onset of the online business one requires the best ecommerce building platform and after taking into consideration various factors it is Shopify who climbed the ladder of success to become the best choice of over one million merchants in all over 175 countries to have their business set up on it. 

The features which mark Shopify the best platform

Shopify is a simple, strong and feature rich platform which enables the merchants to just start selling right out of the box. It provides high security to the website which is another very important reason for its success. Let’s now look briefly into the factors which make it the best of its kind. 

Provides hosting

Shopify is a hosted and cloud based solution which makes things easy for a person who is just starting their online business. You don’t need any technical knowledge to just set up your simple online store. Shopify takes care of the server for you which means you just need internet and admin login details to access your Shopify store from anywhere and anytime. 

Provides best security and speed

Speed is very much important in the time of internet marketing as a delay of a second can create a huge loss. The online audience demands speed and fast loading speed of the website and Shopify provides a fast website to hold the customers. Also, Shopify is level 1 PCI DSS certified and has SSL encryption which means it provides the best security for websites to not get prone to bugs and viruses.

Reliable help and support

Shopify has the commendable help and support and is 24*7 ready for assistance via email, chat or phone. There are many video tutorials to help out in understanding about how to manage the Shopify store and Shopify community where there are plenty of answers given for the various issues that may arise while managing the website. 

Shopify has advanced functionality

Shopify is already feature packed but it also provides enough room to customise and add more features to it to boost the functionality of the website. There are a lot of apps available in the Shopify app store both free and paid which when integrated into the website makes the website more flexible, easy to manage inventory, analytics, payment, have the feature of abandoned cart recovery and boosts the sale by the strategic ads and campaigns in the social media. 

The excellent theme of Shopify

A visually appealing appearance is very much important on the website as that is what makes the customers attracted at first and helps in building their trust on the website. There are plenty of free and paid themes to create unique styles of your website and it is also open to coding to create much more creative themes. 

To build a feature loaded Shopify store one needs to hire a Shopify developer as this requires the expertise of the Shopify developer to build the website in the best way. To hire the most competent Shopify developer one may contact Justgoweb digital, the well-known Shopify development company in the market.