If the database files are damaged, queries fail and nobody can access their data. Even Microsoft recommends regular backup of databases that are accessible to end users. 

It is quite possible that you would have faced the following SQL error message when working with an MS Access file:

“Operational Error: Database is not in a recoverable state.”

There are many reasons why your application cannot open an MS Access database file. Here are some of them:, – You have started to work with it while MS Access was still writing information to the database file, –   Someone has switched off your computer without shutting down MS Access properly, –   Your hard drive has broken down and the database file become inaccessible for opening because one of its copies cannot be found, –   You have overwritten the original file with another one by mistake, etc.

Fortunately, there is a remedy for all these problems! Using Stellar Phoenix SQL Database Repair Software will fix your corrupt MS Access database files and restore them to their original state. It also helps you make backups of the databases on a regular basis so that you may easily recover them in case of any data loss due to unexpected shutdown or some other reason.

Fixing Corrupt SQL Files

This software repairs damaged .MDF and .LDF files of MS SQL Server (2005/2008/2012) as well as SQLEXPRESS instances. When you open an inaccessible MDF file using this software, it detects the cause of the damage and recovers your data in it.

The tool goes through three phases during its work to repair inaccessible MDF files:  – Quick Analysis, – Extensive Scan, – Data Recovery. It lets you choose between two scan modes: Full or Fast. The full mode performs a deep scan for extensive damage while the fast scan is quick but only detects file header corruption problems.

With this software, repairing SQL Server database (.MDF) files is easy because it automatically recognizes the destination path where you want to save repaired files. Moreover, it can be used with ease by novice users who know nothing about database servers or how databases are built. Since no technical expertise is required, even administrators without any IT knowledge can recover databases that have become inaccessible to end users.

Repairing Damaged SQL Server Databases

In addition, this tool also helps you restore the following from your backup files:  – Tables, Indexes, Primary Keys, Unique Keys, Foreign Keys and Views, –   Data of tables marked for recovery by a recovery wizard in SQL Server Management Studio or Enterprise Manager. This software comes with free technical support to answer queries regarding the software’s usage and help you get over any difficulty regarding database recovery process. Although it is a shareware version yet you can freely use it at home before buying its commercial edition. Therefore, if your company needs a powerful yet simple tool that does not require complex set up or configuration, download a free demo of Stellar Phoenix SQL Database Repair Software by visiting this link:


Q1.   How does this tool work?

If you are unable to open or access an MS Access database file, it may be because of some corruption in the file system that has caused damage to its header information. This software takes input MDF files and performs a number of checks on them. It detects the errors in the header information and repairs them before attempting data recovery.

Q2. Does this software require any technical expertise? 

No, not really. Even novice users can repair damaged .MDF files using this software without any difficulty because it comes with a simple interface that guides you through all steps during repair process 

Q3. What are the benefits of using Stellar Phoenix SQL Database Repair Software?  –  

It is fast and easy to use. It requires no technical expertise and can be used by novice users as well.  –   The software repairs corrupt .MDF files containing SQL Server data and restores it into a new file.  –   You can carry out the process of repairing databases in just three steps: Quick Analysis, Extensive Scan and Data Recovery. This results in no loss of original data as you will get them all back after repair along with the repaired files.


So, if you have a corrupt SQL file and want to recover it, Stellar Phoenix SQL Database Repair Software is a perfect option for you as it quickly recovers your data from a corrupted .MDF file.

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