Why is bubble shooter a highly addictive game?

There are tons of online mobile games, and only a few of them enjoy widespread popularity as Bubble Shooter. The game is about bursting the same colored bubbles and scoring points. It is a highly addictive game, and millions of people are hooked. If you download and play Bubble Shooter, you are guaranteed to stay occupied for hours. 

The gameplay is simple. Players need to pop bubbles in combinations of three or more of the same color by aiming and shooting the bubbles. The clusters of bubbles are slowly lowered as the game progresses, and players must keep the bubbles away from the screen’s bottom to win. 

Wondering why this simple game is such a rage among gamers of all experience levels? Here’s why. 

  • The game offers the much-needed post-work relaxation

Had a tough day at work? Or, tired of being confined at home due to COVID? Whatever the case, you need an outlet to blow off steam. While you would love to step out of your house and get some fresh air, the fear of Omicron looms over your head. But you don’t have to feel alone or bored at home, thanks to Bubble Shooter. 

The game offers much-needed relief and relaxation after you have completed all your household chores or finished your professional commitments for the day. You can comfortably sit on your couch or sofa, open the Bubble Shooter game and enter the world of colorful bubbles. As you pop them, you’ll find yourself relaxed, and your worries are disappearing. In a few hours, you will feel rejuvenated. 

  • Stay engaged playing free games or participating in tournaments 

The fun doesn’t end when you are in the world of colorful bubbles. You can start by playing the free or practice games. These games let you compete with a human opponent, but you won’t get any rewards if you win. Once you get the hang of aiming at the bubble clusters and have mastered bouncing your bubbles off the walls, you can participate in 1V1 cash battles and tournaments. The contests and tournaments offer big cash rewards and prizes. 

Many gamers love the idea of getting paid while playing their favorite games. That’s where Bubble Shooter takes the cake and offers gamers the best of both worlds – entertainment plus cash rewards. 

  • The game lets you make new friends 

Play Bubble Shooter with friends or get matched with random opponents and befriend them. In the long run, you can form healthy relationships. 

Furthermore, you can win matches and get the opportunity to brag about your bubble-popping prowess to your friends and family. 

  • Bubble Shooters enhances focus 

It takes a lot of concentration and focuses on locating the weak link in a bubble cluster and popping that link, so the rest of the bubbles fall automatically. You might think that you are only playing a game, but you are sharpening your mind. That’s why the game is perfect for those who have trouble focusing on one thing for a long time. 

  • The game is highly competitive 

Everyone loves a bit of healthy competition, and Bubble Shooter allows players to compete with their friends, random online players, and themselves. It can be highly satisfying to beat your personal best score. Also, it is highly gratifying to beat other skilled players who might be playing the game longer than you. 

The game’s competitive edge keeps players hooked for endless hours. Gamers love to test their skills and always stay ahead of the rest. In Bubble Shooter, you can play in 1V1 or 1VN game modes, along with tournaments and contests. 

  • The game guarantees endless hours of entertainment 

Entertainment and fun are guaranteed when you are playing Bubble Shooter. You’ll never get bored popping colorful bubbles. Moreover, the game is time-sensitive, and it is challenging to score more than your opponent. Popping three bubbles will not fetch you a high score. You must step out of your comfort zone and try to create combos. Also, there’s no guarantee that you’ll get the colored bubbles you desire. In such cases, you must place the bubbles carefully so your future chances of popping them are not hindered. 

The more the game progresses, the more you will face new challenges. The game will always keep you on your toes, and even if you learn the rules, there will always be something new that will keep drawing you back to Bubble Shooter. 

  • Gamers of all age groups enjoy Bubble Shooter

Young to adult, everyone enjoys Bubble Shooter. After all, the game’s premise is simple. It is an aim-and-shoot game where colorful bubbles are waiting for you to pop them. When the bubbles are not in a straight line, you have to bounce your bubble off the wall so the bubble can follow a curved line to hit the targeted spot. Anyone can learn the game’s rules and controls within a few minutes and start popping bubbles. 

So, are you having a stressful day or feeling bored? Download Bubble Shooter and keep your worries, stresses, and boredom at bay. The game is highly competitive and entertaining. It’ll surely bring you back to life and make you feel energized and relaxed at once. Participate in tournaments and win cash or play free online games to test your skills. Whatever you choose, you cannot stay away from playing Bubble Shooter.