Why do people still opt for postpaid plans

Why do people still opt for postpaid plans?

There’s always been a debate about which type of plan is better: Prepaid or Postpaid. With years passing by, the advent of new technology gave users a wide range of choices and the liberty to choose over multiple plans. There has been a drastic shift in the telecom sector in terms of opting out for suitable plans, and a huge customer base is shifting to prepaid plans. Still, there are many who prefer a postpaid plan over a prepaid one.

Factors responsible for choosing postpaid plans

For many reasons, people still consider it a luxury to go for a postpaid plan instead of a prepaid one. Let’s look at those factors because which the postpaid recharge is still successful in India:

  • Customer Services

Customer satisfaction is a crucial deciding factor for the consumer to either go for a postpaid or a prepaid plan. When it comes to postpaid plans, complaints and queries tend to get solved more quickly and efficiently because of the value it serves.

For example, you made an Airtel postpaid bill payment, so the customer service you will receive as the service holder will be more promising and quicker than most other prepaid plans. In addition, the more flexibility in terms of payment, the more perks and benefits you’ll receive.

  • Network Coverage

The network coverage tends to get better with the postpaid plans. Though the service providers have the same area of coverage for any type of service holder, the postpaid users have the upper hand when it comes to receiving more data along with better speed than the prepaid users.

BSNL, with a wide area of coverage over India, comes out to be one of the good options to choose from when you are planning to go for a postpaid plan keeping in mind factors such as cost efficiency. With even the low cost, you could access various postpaid benefits offered by BSNL. In addition, you get to enjoy various incentives like Cashback and SuperCash when you use MobiKwik to make your BSNL postpaid mobile bill payment.

  • Usage of Data

The biggest advantage of a postpaid plan comes in the area of data usage. Firstly people can access unlimited data in the postpaid plans with even the low recharge as it has the facility of billing at the end of the month, which comes with easy access to the cellular network account and secondly, the rollover of data feature. This lets the users have a rollover of data in the next month. Thus the users get value over money with numerous benefits, and the payment you make to purchase a postpaid plan is cost-effective.

  • Recharge and schedule

Many people out there don’t wish to keep track of every date to recharge their accounts. They prefer to have a plan with fewer of these schedules, and postpaid best suits them and their needs.

Talking about an Airtel postpaid bill payment, you get nearly every additional perk and benefit with every price range depending upon your utility. Most importantly, if you exceed the data limit, it doesn’t stop you from accessing your account; it gets billed as additional charges. Many customers prefer to have unlimited data usage rather than checking now and then for every exceeding data limit.

  • Ease in Auto-renewal

In recent years, people and their schedules have been getting more hectic, and they rely on a setup that makes it easy for them to get their recharge done without keeping track at the end of every month. This problem is solved by postpaid cellular plans. With no prior scheduling and maintenance, the renewal of the data plan is done automatically.


When people get value for money and they have many customizable options according to their requirements, people choose comfort, reliability and hassle-free schedule over everything. And thereby choose to opt for postpaid plans despite other feasible options being available in the telecom sector. Ultimately the decision goes with the customer and the factors they consider before purchasing any kind of network plan. You can pay any post bills, including a BSNL postpaid mobile bill payment, using MobiKwik to enjoy a safe and quick payment along with other perks.