Why do most online betting operators focus on their Android app rather than the iOS one?

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If you have a smartphone or a tablet, you probably know that there are different mobile OS you can choose from. There used to be even more alternatives back in the days, such as Symbian and Blackberry OS, but today, there are two main “players” in this industry- Android and iOS. Therefore, every single application in the world is available on either both or at least one of the two platforms.

Besides social media, games and other types of applications, there are also different types of betting applications that you can download and install on your Android and iOS device. Even though some of the leading betting platforms have apps for both operating systems, many brands focus on Android instead of iOS. Let’s take a look at a few reasons why this is the case.

There are more Android users, and the majority of people who bet on the platform prefer this OS

Unless you visit https://efirbet.com/en/1xbet-mobile-app/ and download the 1xbet mobile app that’s available on both mobile OS, there is a pretty good chance that your preferred online betting operator may not have an app for iOS.

Most gambling sites that don’t have the necessary funds to develop two applications prefer to focus on Android. Even though it wasn’t more popular than Apple’s alternative, today, there are more Android users than people with an iPhone. This isn’t surprising, considering the fact that almost every smartphone manufacturer other than Apple uses Google’s software.

Besides having more users in general, some websites prefer Android because most of their customers use this OS. Needless to say, every operator has a way to track the devices that each player uses. That’s why it is only natural to create an app that most of their clients will get the chance to use.

Most companies with an Android app don’t have to upload it to Google Play

Everyone who has some mobile betting experience knows that Google Play is usually not the place where you can find a given gambling app. Unlike the App Store, where you can always find the app if available, Google is one of the companies that does not allow every gambling website to upload its application. 

As a result, some brands don’t even bother to do that. Instead, they create a separate apk file that their clients can download and install on their devices in a matter of seconds. Whether you want the 1xBet mobile app or any other gambling application, there is a pretty good chance you will have to change certain settings on your device to get it.

Some betting providers offer exclusive Android games

Almost every online casino works in conjunction with different casino software providers. Although some of them focus on desktop games, others create all sorts of mobile titles. Usually, these companies try to develop games for both mobile OS, but some games may only be available to Android users.