The Doctors are more than just another reality talk show. It has featured useful medical advice to its audience. From September 2008 to April 2022 the show has cast over 1900 episodes. Among its cast stars, is Dr. Lisa Masterson, a specialist in Genecology and Obstetrics who shocked the American talk show fans with her knowledge and personality. However, she has left the show stating a question mark for her beloved fans.

Dr. Lisa Masterson

Profile Dr. Lisa Masterson
Lisa Masterson

Inspired by the quote ‘Always Follow Your Dreams’ received by her loving mother Dr. Lisa Masterson has now become one of the greatest doctors of all time. She has great skills to explain complex medical issues with ease. After completing her undergraduate studies at Mount Holyoke College in Massachusetts, she entered the University Of Southern California in 1993. She has voluntarily helped mothers with pregnancy issues and educated the world about common medical issues over several television programs such as ‘Dr. Phill’, ‘Good Morning America’, ‘Discovery Challel’, and ‘The Oprah Winfrey Show’. 

Why Did Dr. Lisa Leave The Doctors Tv Show?

After she left The Doctors show, Dr. Lisa Masterson’s fans were curious to find the reason. Suddenly rumors were built up to define the case and her fans had no proper lead to find the right answer. However, the truth was enlighted and the answer is simple. She has left the show to allocate more time to her patients. 

As per her belief, the reality shows like ‘The Doctors’ need high investment of time. But as a doctor, her priority should be her patients. Apart from that, she’s having bigger plans to do good for her patients. Hence after considering all of them she simply resigned from her role on The Doctors talk show.

Won’t She Participate Ever in The Doctors Tv Show?

After her resignation, Dr. Lisa appeared on The Doctors as a guest. According to CBS Media Ventures, the season cast after the exit of Dr. Lisa has won extraordinary ratings due to her frequent appearance on the show.

What does She do Now?

Dr. Lisa continues her humanitarian journey as an empowered woman. She had faced a terrible earthquake in Haiti but her wisdom has reenergized her mind to live her mission. Now she’s working on her plans to build a better world for the younger generations.


The Doctors is an American talk show popular among fans from all over the world. Dr. Lisa Masterson was one of the main characters in the show. After she resigned from The Doctors show, her fans were curious to know what happens behind the screen. Rumors were born stating this and that but the real reason for her decision was revealed to the public. 

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