Why are Lucky Wheels so Popular at Online Casinos?

Lucky wheels have been a hugely popular feature of entertainment for centuries. In fact, one of the oldest gambling games ever, roulette, is a spinning wheel, and this may have inspired all the other lucky wheels that came after it.

Recently, spinning wheel bonuses have been introduced at online casinos as another way to provide players with an incentive to play. These have become hugely popular, and they are a great way to encourage repeat custom.

Source: Pixabay

Lucky Wheels Give Random Bonuses to Players

Aside from welcome bonuses and VIP schemes, a recent introduction to the world of online casinos has been the lucky wheel. An example of this concept is the one daily free spin on Paddy Power, which gives players a free chance to win every day. Anyone with a fully verified account can take part, and the wheel can spin in everything from casino bonuses to free scratch cards.

Players who join online casino sites do so because they like games of chance, and this is highlighted by the fact that slots are by far the most popular games in the world. Online casino operators capitalized on this and gave players an extra element of randomness by providing them with a fun bonus game that they can play daily.  

Extra Element of Gamification to an Already Entertaining Site

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Gamification has been one of the main ways that sites have been able to stand out in the internet age, and it is a concept that can be highly advantageous when attracting and retaining customers. Many sites outside of the casino industry use gamification in their marketing, and this can range from anything from earning points to taking part in mini-activities on a site.

Just because online casinos are packed full of games already, it doesn’t mean that these pages can’t contain other elements of gamification as well. Indeed, because players come to these sites for games anyway, it’s highly likely that they enjoy the chance to play mini-offerings for extra entertainment.

People Love Random Rewards

The question is, what makes these lucky wheels so popular? According to a study into this phenomenon published on Boingboing, there’s a pleasure center in the brain known as the nucleus accumbens that becomes highly activated when unpredictable rewards are at play.

An article in the Conversation discusses how the whole online casino industry is built around this concept of rewards, and developers rely on the fact that gamers are going to seek them out. In some casino games, the rewards come from hitting targets. The spinning wheel at online casinos is just an example of this reward system in its simplest form.

Lucky wheels are a welcome addition to the online casino industry, and they are likely to become more prominent in the years ahead. Aside from being used to give bonuses, they can also be found in several live offerings. Thanks to the success of lucky wheels, it wouldn’t be surprising to see them crop up at more sites in the future.