Why and How Should You Optimize for Voice Search?

Search Engine Optimization develops at the same pace as digital technology progresses, which is why new techniques to grow your SEO rank appear regularly. Voice Search SEO is nowadays imperative since the use of virtual assistants made people comfortable with performing everyday searches using their voice. The process saves time and allows us to effortlessly perform a detailed search on the go, which is why more and more people prefer using voice commands compared to typing short search phrases.

We did some research and managed to come up with the most effective voice search SEO strategy that will let you get your content even closer to the relevant audience.

Before get in to the deep you must have a planned out campaign & survey campaign management is a must.

Keyword optimization

When it comes to textual search queries, things are pretty much easy as numerous keyword tools allow you insight into the most relevant search phrases. However, voice search optimization includes a different approach as it relies on the way we speak, which includes the use of more detailed search queries.

It’s not a bad idea to use online tools such as “Ask the Public” or similar solutions for inspiration. You’ll see some of the most popular questions regarding your topic and this should help you come up with long-tail keywords that mimic the questions that people ask in their voice search queries, said John O. from twiftnews.

Think about how you would ask a person for a piece of specific information and what their answer should be like to create the optimal content.

Create a proper FAQ section

Since voice search queries mainly consist of specific detailed questions regarding a certain topic, having a FAQ section can help your voice search ranking rise significantly, no matter if you’re ranking for freelance essay writers or banking industry audience. Consider most notable user reviews that include issues with the topic related to your business and place them in your FAQ and provide a well-structured answer for every question. It’s important to formulate questions using a conversational tone so that it relates to the way most users would formulate their inquiries.

Local Search optimization

According to numerous surveys and reports, mobile and voice search queries are mostly connected to local interests. If a student would search for a custom paper writing service on the go, voice search would probably be the optimal way to do it, since texting and driving or walking is not safe and people generally avoid doing it. Therefore, to improve your local search results, the first step should include updating your Google My Business account just to get a decent starting position.

Creating location-oriented content allows you to communicate directly to those consumers that matter the most. When you create content that targets specific geo-location, your content must answer questions that solve problems for the local consumers. This means generating content that explains your location according to local toponyms, or content that deals with certain issues that are specific to the targeted area.

Use conversational tone

Let’s say you’re running a thesis writing service and you wish to create content that would rank well in voice search. You should understand that people write search queries differently than they speak. When we write, we use short phrases, two or three the most since detailed queries require more time to type. However, when we speak, we invest less effort, and we make more detailed inquiries just like we would to a person.


Virtual Assistants are going to improve at a rapid pace, which means voice search optimization should become a standard in content development as it will also be a crucial factor in reputation management These are some of the actions you could take to improve the quality of your presentation. Pay attention to details when researching long-tail keywords, you can find inspiration for content among some.