Who do you believe is literally evil?

Have you ever read stories about characters who are just pure evil? Like the villains who do terrible things and make you shiver? Some people believe that evil can exist in real life too!

In this article, we will explore this idea and find out who these real-life “bad guys” might be. We’ll talk about people who have done really awful things and make us question if everyone is really good at heart. 

 So recently Redditor ask in public, “Who do you believe is literally evil?

Here is what the Reddit community thought about it. 

In this article, we have listed the most upvoted comments received for the above question on the AskReddit thread.

1. David Miscavige, The leader of the Church of Scientology

David Miscavige is the leader of the Church of Scientology. Some people think he’s really, really bad because they say he treats people in his church very badly. They accuse him of being mean, controlling, and even hurting people.

People argue a lot about whether he’s truly evil or not. It’s a big deal because it makes us think about how leaders can affect others and whether they should be trusted.

2. Kenneth Copeland

Kenneth Copeland, a famous preacher, has faced criticism for his luxurious lifestyle and promises of wealth in exchange for money from his followers. Debates arise about whether he is genuinely evil or not, but his actions have raised questions about what it means to be a good person.

3. Ian Watkins from the band Lostprophets

Ian Watkins, a former member of Lostprophets, is widely regarded as truly evil. In 2013, he was convicted of committing horrific crimes against children, including attempted rape and conspiring to engage in sexual acts with minors. His actions shocked the world, reminding us that evil can hide behind talent and success.

4. DeSantis

DeSantis is a person who holds an important position in politics. Some people think he is really, really bad, like evil! They say this because they believe his decisions and actions have caused harm to others. For example, they say he hasn’t done enough to protect the environment or make sure everyone has access to healthcare and a good education.

But not everyone agrees. Some people think he is a strong leader who stands up for what they believe in. This debate about DeSantis makes us think about what it means to be truly evil and how different people can have different opinions.

5. Hitler

Adolf Hitler, a very bad man, led Germany and caused World War II. He did terrible things to millions, especially Jews, driven by hatred and a desire for power. His actions serve as a chilling reminder of human evil.

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